Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Perks of Being an Alumni

Being an alumni of a school in which a person was once a student is somewhat nostalgic as well memorable considering that one wanted to be that student whose minds were academically sound and amicably sociable to classmates and schoolmates alike.

That as well include falling in love in a school where one was once studied.

Past memories will never be completed without these moments being a student having these wonderful time studying, spending time doing academic activities either done by an individual, pair or a group, and as well having fun in the free times.

Such moments are meant to carry on as the time goes by where these cherished things are getting reflect once again where these things are so beautiful where there were lesser problems, lesser worries, lesser pressure and of course, more happiness where friends do spend time talking random topics, playing music, group studying and so on. It was as if it was one, happy family where one really takes care over the other. That is more than enough that such memories at that point in life is meant to be remembered.

With this, here are some common memories and usual things that can be considered as direct correlative to the ones that is stored in a blogger's mind in back in the old days.

The innocence of the past.
These periods are the times where education comes in an inception upon the eyes of the kid really new in this world and was just started to explore the world and have the mutual possibility to make the change for it.

Speaking of which, these periods are the ones where the basic skills and values were implied, practiced, tested and applied. Basics like 1+1=2 and Good Manners Right Conduct were taught here. Not also to mention that grammar, spelling and some other essential things were made there. Well, it was not just academic things that are matter in these period of time. There was also things where classmates were having fun playing under the sun, spending time making drawings, and so on. Reminiscing the past such as this one is a bit less significant considering that these days were out of mere innocence of what was once a kid of the past where such memories were not even fully remembered, where they may be in fragments or simply just faded away.

The point being is that such memories are still good for such people to reminisce considering that the childhood days are indeed that colorful in a sense that such basic memories or experiences per se are still carried on until today where it was applied. And the span of time where thy former classmates were only recognized on its very few faces can be the reason on the little insignificance of these matter.

Promenade Days.
People say that this is where the best moments were made and as well where the best of feelings were made. Well, I couldn't agree more. Speaking of these things, this is where puberty is on the rise, responsibility becomes a norm, sensitive issues going into limelight, discipline is a level up and of course, never-ending fun on vacant periods.

In this period, things are getting level-up. From academics to other things, it was brought to an all-new level. This where Algebra was introduced, Chemistry is introduced, History is introduced and so on. well, not only that. It was the time where clubs and organizations sprout out for job responsibility, seminars, fairs, teamwork, and some other things that involve extra-curricular activities where it gives additional merit to those people who deserve in the honor roll. More on to that, lives do change upon puberty, maturity, moral values and ethics on its primary basics influence these adolescent people where there is this sort of a clout between being a kid to being an adult. In this period such things are crucial where one's mind and body where in the transition. Technicalities aside, it is where the undisputed memories were made so as in the mere fact that in vacant times, musics were played, fun times were made, funny faces were laid, playing chess is deemed great, and so on and so fourth.

Speaking of which, nothing will beat the memories of this period. It was simplistic yet remarkable in  the sense where people wanted to reunited once again after many years of being separated. True enough, it was the best thing for an ex-student of such school to reminisce the memories that was made there. It will hold on to memories up to the certain point that it was nostalgic in the sense that one will do wonder when such things will definitely happen again.

The Perks
All of the pressures, the culture shock, the socializations, the relevant skills plus ideals acquired and so on. The stepping stone for what lies ahead. Prepping up for employment and so much more in the real world. But there is still fun instilled even on the toughest of matters such as this one.

This is where time management is a necessity in order to cope things up, also where one needs to stay up in competition in order not to stay behind from the up-going discussions, and as well being pressured to do complicated requirements that require help from fellow classmates in order to get the job done. More unto that, there are surprise exams, long, difficult exams, additional paperwork, all in which in order to make competitive stance almost in all angles for the sake of academic excellence. Well, there is also the light side unto things like this. There were library sessions where dealing with books as a necessity, or getting into computer laboratories or equivalent to have a research project, or just socialize with people in the cafeteria or in the times where socialization programs do initiated. Speaking of which, it was deemed worth it after all, those pains, suffering, and greatness.

These things in the end will surely make these former students reunited once again in the sense that they were like brothers and sisters helping one after the other upon the epic things and memories made in that time. For sure these eagles wanted to get back to their nests once more to say thank you to the things that were meant to get learned.


It was not just the fellow that needs to be reminisced. Key people, institution and places are also meant to be reminisced as well. And all of those things do really help on what we really are today. Knowledgeable people intended to be the change for the family, community and the nation in general. One must be thankful enough to be part of memories, experiences and people that was now part of history. It is the best thing for such person to reflect the past activities, and to get involved with the people who made the difference.


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