Friday, July 15, 2016

Being Healthy is Wealthy

Being fit is good, and having a nice body form is better. And all of it will never be possible without making sacrifices where some luxurious things are not meant to get applied.

Being healthy is great!
Source: Hi Fitness Blog.
Living healthily is indeed what really means to be a human person where balanced diet is a need, eating fruits and vegetables is nutritious to have each body organs doing their own purpose where it will able to function perfectly.

More unto that, a nice, healthy lifestyle comes in a way that one does a routine where blood flows freely upon circulation, muscles buffed up to do its job further, fats being burned up in a sense where it was used up as energy where it keeps the day rolling and so on. And the thing here is, taking care of the self is indeed the first, great and only responsibility coming from the self where everything must come in good order aside from getting assignments at check and priorities put on-going.

Here are some of the mere necessities where one will become healthier than ever…


Speaking of nutritious foods, one would think that it was pertaining to fruits and vegetables –correct! Speaking of which, there is more unto that. Herbal goods and the like can also serve as a great plus aside from fruits and veggies to have an uptight healthy life.

Fruits and veggies have a wider range of vitamins and minerals that are a necessity to keep body parts functioning, vital organs operating, and minds thinking. More unto that, such nutritious foods are categorized into groups of vitamins and minerals in which they are deemed rich for.

Aside from fruits and veggies, which are the well-known nutritious foods, there are also foods in which a person eats in everyday life where nutrients like protein can get. Foods like meat, beef, Milk, eggs, chicken and alike are the primary sources where protein is located.

But still, fruits and vegetables are still the best nutritious foods out there. And no other food beats it. Foods like cabbages, string beans, bananas, mangoes, apples, monggo leaves and related are some of the examples of such sources of healthy lifestyle. All in which gives a vibrant, healthy life where things were made better.

Overall, such sources of nutrition must make noticeable in a sense where eating such makes us healthier. One will not convince to be a vegetarian, but at least, have a nice, balanced diet which is still based on such format. The point is, in order to have a nice healthy lifestyle, one must be aware what he or she eats so that all will be gone well as time passes by.

Health is real wealth!
Running, jumping, walking, workout and more down-to-sweat activities are some of the examples of exercise. All of which gives the body some condition that it will work flawlessly where it burns fat, makes muscles strong and bones stronger than thou as well.

Waking up in the morning and prepping to do a jogging. Doing so in a place such as in the park or in the highway where there were no vehicles passing at that time since it took place before sun rises up in the sky. Such activity is an ideal one where drowsy eyes will wore out early and minds getting more awake. That’s hitting two birds in one stone!

Workout in a gym is deemed not a necessity. Such thing can be done at home. Doing zumba on the living room while watching it on TV also helps a lot in doing an exercise that carbohydrates gone evaporated as sweat. Pull-ups, push-ups, DIY dumbbells and jumping can also do the job. The important is, sweat really goes out and mind is deemed awake.

It helps the circulatory system to keep the nutrients flowing from one place to the other and as well as removing toxins from the body. Speaking of which, exercising makes the heart more awake in the sense that it beats more than ever and as a result, it makes the body more active where the person is pretty much motivated to do many tasks with ease.

The point is that an individual must have a workout and make exercise a routine thing to do. Without it, one will be prone to sickness and worse, one will become weak, sickly person where he or she cannot do his or her routine activities of the day. Never let the worst done in the life by just mere neglect. Make life colorful by exercising everyday!


A person soothe moments of the day, having good time in a space where peaceful. Not to mention that herbs are taken up when one was sick, taking what the nature offers to the person. And that saves money from buying chemical-based ones from thy respective pharmacies (except the doctor or a pharmacist’s assistance said so.)

 Have sight-seeing, right in the balcony. Take those problems aside. Spend time writing or drawing; and think clearly and peacefully what is for the best. With that praise the Lord God from him and through His mother Mary where one guides over the life which is abundant of light and provider of needs which makes life. Have time praying and say “Thank You Lord!”

Sleep well, wake-up well, and work well where effectiveness and efficiency are on its greatest potential; if sickness arises, take medicine, either herbal or prescribed. Have some time checkup with a doctor. Do it so for a year or three. Such ideals are a kind of a thing for maintenance: If one is older, then maintenance becomes a necessity. Never mind the costs!

Have them tapped upon their need arises. If not, just have them as they were. Speaking of which, have nutritious foods and exercise do their job most of the time since it deals with the person’s daily routines. More on to that, it is an advantage for a person to have the knowhow on the specificity of those herbs as for the nature of the sickness, just like other drugs do.

The point is that one must cherish the gift of nature that is upon us, in a sense that connecting with it is indeed life-fulfilling wherein one’s life is better upon the serenity and peacefulness of the mind and body. Moreover, it is a great thing to say a thanksgiving to the Almighty God to the Blessings that have answered, and is hoping for more to come.

Health is wealth and happiness.

All of these things are indeed essential to keep our lives healthy and all-going. All of these are deemed better than being weak and sickly where one cannot experience the vibrant life in a sense that even financial wealth cannot compete with it. Health is indeed wealthy in an idea where it is the ultimate treasure the person must obtain, in mind, in heart, and in soul. In this case, it is our soul duty to preserve it in which it is on our benefit. Make life colorful.


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