Thursday, July 7, 2016

Freedom With Discipline and Responsibility

Being free without restriction is indeed one thing. Abusing it to the point that it is destructive is another matter. Compromising in between is meant to be weigh in accordingly. 

A bright future with a smile...
It was commonly known that freedom means being free of doing things as what a person desires to do so. And that means every beliefs, ideologies, mindsets and even racial differences or its sexual equivalence are meant to get tolerated. However, this was not always the case.

A nation which is democratic in principle instills with laws where its citizens are meant to follow. And all of those laws are leverages that make the people act in civil, orderly fashion. However, the problem in such a manner is that such laws are being abused by the people and was used as an excuse for protecting the wrong. Say, using the freedom of speech for blabbering and badmouthing other people where it was gone to the point of throwing insults and acting in an uncivilized manner. Another is the freedom of information which then again used, twisted and then suit to the purpose in which it was meant either to enslave a particular group, or pushing through a dubious ideals, and so on.

In this discussion, the matters will be tackled out between the proper leverage on being free on the responsibility to be good citizens based on constructive criticisms rather than acting like a partisan group.


A democracy, speaking of issues, do always have the two, opposing sides, which is the protagonist side and the antagonist side. Speaking of these, a nice, engaging debate based on facts and sound logic are a sign of a vibrant, healthy democracy. 

However, too much of these do end up in fanaticism where both sides, pro and anti becoming too personal one over the other in which it brings more harm than good. Such extreme fanaticism is indeed resulting to the abuse of democracy which prompted leaders to do strict guidelines and restrictions simply to keep things in order. Not to mention that it will definitely put a nation in a state of emergency or some things related citing that freedoms, being abused without restrictions, will definitely result in overall disorder in the society. Such scenario are the things that the majority wants to prevent. In this case, such dilemma will serve as a balance between freedom and discipline citing that these two different ideas are a bit contradicting each other. The good thing is that such an abusive behavior can be fixed with a responsible education on ethics, morals and basics like good manners and right conduct (GMRC) are the things to make people stand upright to their actions. Such procedure must be implemented in a way that it will make people realize upon the things that it will make them a much disciplined people eventually. Education such as this must be done in the early years of childhood from home to school in Elementary or High School so that it will instill to the minds of the children that a nice gesture is what really makes an ideal society. Not to mention that there must be proper information sharing based on facts and sound logic or in some cases, emotional well-being in a way that it was proper in deliberation and in the point of not badmouthing other people whenever possible. It is better not to assume unless it is logical or otherwise stated. 

The point being is that expressing freedom of speech or opinions must be made out of mutual trust, logical mindset and in proper manner. In that way, people will respect one after the other and thus, having an highly engaging, proper sharing of information without hammering one after the other.


An effective democratic nation is based on trust, equality and the power that is really meant to the people in which it is the workforce of making progress and excellence. However, such power comes with great responsibility, as what Spider-man would have said it. And with that, in having a great nation moving forward towards the better position, let there be criticisms that are constructive in nature as well as having a sense of nationalism that supports a government of works rather than the government of personality. With that, everybody at the end of the day will go to sleep with a smile -- on dreams of a great nation becoming a reality that makes each and everyone in the family very happy.


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