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Expectation versus Reality

Life sometimes is not cooperating. And that also means that expectations, most of the time does not coincide with reality. And that alone is disheartening most people.


A person wanted to live in a utopia that suits one’s needs, ideals and expectations. One of which implies that such mindset coincides to the ideal world a person believes in. However, reality slaps really hard to the extent in which a person decides whether to accept it or not.

Reality, most of the time, isn’t holding up with the expectations of the people unless that such expectations, made by persons truly at heart, do really make things real. In garnering credibility, expectations are really high for leverage where in reality terms, it is meant to measure one’s performance in which it determines of such individual or organization is really up to its words, ideals, vision, mission, objectives, principles, and sets of rules, regulations and stipulations as per job description or as what the law provides. All in which constructive criticisms are meant to be made in a way that several people judges objects the actions made by a person or organization, in which it may be acceptable to the rules/social norms or not. That in which, when expectation meets reality, really affects a person’s credibility in general.

These are some of the examples in which expectations does not directly coincides with reality.

A far cry from what it really is.
Speaking of individuals, there are two things that can do an outcome. One is a highly credible person with high expectations where in reality; it was simply not met up to what the standards dictate into it. While the other being the least credible person doing exemplary things wherein it surprises a lot of people where commendations are meant to be deserved, on a serious note. And these are two, different personalities shown out.

Individuals: High expectation vs. Incompetent Reality

This usually happens to the people with high credibility to one area and does not have excellent performance to the other. People like politicians, managers and other notable professionals do have an obligation where they must work in accordance with what the people like a simple customer, or the whole nation wanted to expect with them. And that as well do include proper duties and responsibilities to do their mandate, their purpose where the civilization moves and circulates therein each and every day. However, this was not always the case. Politicians for instance, upon elections, have the people with high expectations to the one they vote over an ideology where the masses stick on, in which some notable people with proper minds can object simply by judging the politician’s actions made prior to the office. That also in which is indeed worthy for a rebuttal in a sense where the critiques can be wrong. That high expectation can be dragged down when the politician was discovered to be corrupt and incompetent that there were little or no improvements on the place of his or her constituents, or a manager was reprimanded by his or her boss for mismanagement of the company that is ground of being fired and kicked out of the company, and professionals where they are not working well to the jobs they made where it is the ground for revoking thy licenses in which they worked out for it. The point being: Performance must be done in order to meet up the expectations of the parties concerned in which at the end of the day, one is worthy to get commended for a job well done.

Individuals: Less-credible expectations vs. Terrific Reality

This is where real leaders, die-hard martyrs and heroes were made. They were just ordinary people with ordinary lives who did well-performed actions that are worth the price. Students, in their study period, have done exemplary actions where one is commendable to receive what they deserve in the form of grades that in which will definitely give them high credibility as well as high expectation where it coincides with reality upon graduation. More unto that, people with radical mindset are the ones who really done surprising yet highly commendable jobs on the sleeve. And no doubt some of this people who did excellent things have the past in which the odds are not on them. Either they don’t have a perfect family, or have a notorious past where one is under poverty, and so on. All of which push the person into the corner and have the guts to push back all of those who hamper thy individual and eventually have themselves successful in a sense that they are the inspiration and hope for a better life. In this case, this is worth motivating for those who are heavily laden and wants help in order to work for success.

Individuals: Expectation equals Reality

This is by far the common thing and as well the easiest thing for people to notice and to do judgment for a start. It is due to the mere fact that one’s expectation upon knowing the person fully considering one’s closeness to such individual is high and thus, reality on that person is equal and is, according to what a person will say, it is as expected. So as to speak, each of the plans, upon intuition where it was predetermined by what the nature dictates, or what the person is expected to act, it is proportionate to the reality wherein the person really do act. Hence, the expectation do equates to reality. This is in which, if any of the two situations aforementioned do take place, this is the status quo.

Overall, the point here is that personality is being dictated upon viewpoints of the people around, where expectations for such individual came face to face as to what the actual actions the person have made. Thus, it gives the impression what the person is as for the moment, until the status quo was again changed to another form of interest.


Organizations are by far the most reputable bodies of groups wherein they serve for the purpose and hence, most of the situation equates actual acts based on expectations. That in which gives the trust in the given organizations wherein they did their mandate in accordance with their goals as per strategic planning. However, organizations just like individuals are not perfect and do subject for shortcomings or overachieving of goals in which it’s out of context or does not covering the policy where such organization stipulates. Thus, that has lead to some organizations where people patronize the most and some have received the worst of criticisms to the extent that it is unbearable or worse, going to the point where uncivilized acts can be made. Speaking of which, it can make or break an organization.

Organizations: Planning and expecting for real things to happen

Here lies the very thing that puts the difference between an organization and an individual. A person can do the planning in order for the expectations to get exceeded, yes. But there is nothing to beat the organizations when it comes to planning. No doubt, many brains are better than one. Along with that, organizations do have their own series of rules and regulations, charters and resolutions, goals, objectives, SWOT Analyses and more, all of which spoke up in the scope of Strategic Management in a sense that all expectations within the organization will be sure enough to be kept up upon the circumstances of proper planning and materialization of plans. Most of which comes to fruition. However, everything sometimes does not go according to plan. For instance, external factors like an economic crisis can hamper the goals where expectations have a lesser chance to be fulfilled. Another factor is that internal factors such as a mere disappointment between the board of directors or equivalent can also undermine the objectives of an organization in which again, expectations cannot be met. That kind of mishap is in which considers a great risk in such a big firm. Thus, planning for the next move is indeed a big gamble.

The point is that organizations, if everything goes well upon the hands of well-trained people do have a highest chance of achieving the goals and thus, meeting the expectations. However, reality in most cases does not cooperate in the sense that everything unfavorable can hamper the strategic planning of these groups. So confidence is indeed not an option.


Programs, projects and other sets of appointments or plans can also subject to have variations when determining as to what ones expect and what it really is when applied in actuality. Hence, it all goes to the taste of satisfaction and in the sense of perspective, viewpoints pertaining to different angles as to determine the percentage of success in a given mission or program based on standards or criteria given where people can be impressed or not. That is also, on satisfaction of the people.

On products
The difference
Marketing strategy in any sense gives the people an impression of what is to be expected of a product – an effective product where it gives full satisfaction to people and as well giving its full purpose of giving convenience to the one using it without any glitches, errors or even a little mismatch feature wherein it renders the product useless due to incompatibility. Not also to mention that such products give an impression so as to the reputation of the company who did the manufacturing to such products. Speaking of which, expectations as on advertisements isn’t always met up when such merchandise is already on the market. Take fast food for instance. The coloring, size and other things that are impressive on advertisements isn’t really good when it is seen on actual. However, there were also products that as impressive as what it is shown on ads. Phones for instance, are marketed as what the ads were shown. And consumer experience will dictate the rest whether it gives them the satisfaction they need or not. These things are simply just one good thing when determining expectation vs. reality.

On projects

Projects were made upon the specifications where it fits the necessary conditions and purposes the end user wants. That usually is the case for companies and government agencies who undertake bidding and negotiations on acquiring equipment where it suits its very purpose whereupon it maximizes an organization’s full potential to do its respective mandate. In this case, like those on products, projects must be endorsed well in the sense that it will buy or in such a case, in parallel of the mind of the decision-making body. In this sense though, projects, upon proposal, and its end results, as in parallel on the product, are indeed different in outcome and as well on variation on designs and the way the project is executed.

Design variations: Left: Proposed Design. Right: Final Product.
Almost similar in design with little changes.
Take this landing platform dock for instance, what is in proposal isn't exactly will be laid out. In such cases, series of adjustments are meant to be made wherein it suits up what's in the specification a customer wanted to be. Those things alone are a leverage where one's expectations can be real in the very end.


Reality is different from expectations. Reality does not cooperating with one's own expectations. Considering that the viewpoint of the person pertains to self desire and also the plans pertaining to what an individual or an organization is trying to achieve, expectations are just mere measurements of plain estimation of the outcome which is again based on a little biased mindset of such party. In this case however, reality can really cope up by an individual or an organization in a way where expectations can exceedingly reached beyond what it is imagined. All what the people have to do is to get creative on things. Nothing more.


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