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Affrimness - It Will Gonna Worth

Sacrifices were made for the sake of the betterment of all. And there is no doubt that there are many reasons for these disagreements, disappointments, failures and lack of initiatives taking the toll. Hence, doing the math is a necessity.

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A person is caught in between the unforgiving environment in the social space wherein such individual is under pressure in which it predetermines the make or break of the person's dignity and thus, letting go of the outcome whether it may be the success or a failure.

Hence, it is on the person's judgement as whereupon the fate of the self sets in, and it spells effective relations regarding the the satisfactory outcome of the results where it is commendable as far as the great things are concerned. Extraordinary achievements were made by extraordinary people in very tough situations. And speaking of which, there were endeavors where people, with hard work and initiative, can get things done. If they can do it, what more if I can?

We will talk about social norms of being right, a radical mindset, grace under pressure and the simplistic yet friendly approach when it comes with dealing different kinds of people one can encounter, from relatives and friends to other people especially when in transaction.

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Doing things for a difference. That is how being radical is gonna be. And that is regardless of the risk of failure there is to happen. It means that one must face such risk in order to have a better gains or opportunities in a trade-off. And such actions, upon the success, will gonna be a noble one.

Being such a radical person does have benefits as well risks when it comes with dealing situations that makes a tough decision. And one does wonder as to acquire or to hone one's skills and knowledge up so as to make a job successful, plans effective and work efficiency further enhanced. Honestly speaking, such advantages all goes with initiative. Explanations will be made later below on the grace under pressure part of this post. So as to think, being radical and they way a person deals in a situation plays a huge gamble to a person in a sense that it reflect on one's personality, which in our terminology, one must prove himself right in order to prove other's false impression wrong.

Being radical in mindset and in lifestyle in general in the sense where it helps many people is the basic thing or shall we say, a foundation for the development of the nation and for the sake of humanity in general.

Source: Lifehack quotes
This is where things will gonna work out with all of those pressures coming in. Exhibiting leadership skills, creative skills, logical skills, and more will be determined by tough situations. It reveals a bit of real personality within the person.

It is good for a person if his or her talents were discovered in this case all by accident. Thus, once shown out in the worst of situations, it must be tapped and enhanced further to satisfy the needs of the people concerned. Speaking of which, there were people born naturally with courage or several talents in which it can be said as God-given. And there is more to a person's intelligence, wit, and more a person possess that can be honed out further wit the help or guidance from instructors, teachers, professors and coaches. And it is hopeful if one has the opportunity ti have more, in order to cope up with the toughest of situations.

Under pressure, it is better for a person to always get prepared for the worst and to pray and hope for the best. Like a boy scout, one is indeed always prepared anytime, anywhere. So that a person, having grace under pressure, can save the day.


Humbleness, simplicity and patience. These are just some of the examples of traits that needs to get trained more of since childhood in which these things are in need in order to gently dealing with people.

THE PROCEDURE must be like this. First, set a plan ahead in a form of a sheet of paper with steps and duration. Second, stick with the plan so that there will be no hassle. That alone saves face when dealing with people. But there is more unto that. If asking questions, do it so gently. Apply it with patience. Stay neutral. Do appeal in a civil way if something goes wrong. Yes. It must be done so there will be good transactions made from it. If a person meets somebody and becomes a friend, cherish them and then set a good ties with the friend's family where it will be improved in due time. If a man is in-love with a woman of wit, just do the right thing, the right part. That is, court the girl and pray that she will love that man. Too much in-love in a sense that a young, intelligent woman will instead a reggae song "Underneath it All" by No Doubt, which is indeed a good rendition for a song after all, seriously, with sexism aside.

This makes life so good that faces will be smiling at the end of the day. In fact, that is the key thing there. Smiling with other people. Spread the love, not hate. Doing so will make life less stressful than it really is intended to, like, seriously.


A good leader is a good follower. A good person is a person for all making honors in a humble way and the people is indeed the first priority. Leaders should be like that. Not bossing around, but the one who leads the whole organization or say, a nation into greatness. Theories are good. Applying it for other's convenience is better. Socialize with more people, the better. Such ideals are good for the development of a great nation. Start to act like one. It is a noble thing to do.


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