Thursday, June 2, 2016

Successful Relationships Requires Effort

Relationships are meant to be achievable if efforts are exerted and was then recognized. It is a hallmark for us men to show our love to thy loved ones.

Efforts are deemed worth it.
Successful relationships require a lot of effort. Relationships are never perfect. It's something you're gonna have to work on. 

This is why women observe how much effort a guy puts in for her during the courting stage.

But what is the definition of effort?

Effort is not taking you out to dinner and paying for it. It's not picking you up with a car and driving you to certain places. It's not even the random roses on your front door.

Real effort is going out of your way to make someone feel special.

It is saving up for a date to make sure it fits in his budget. Effort is keeping you company on the way home even when he doesn't have a car. It's buying you flowers with the little change left in his pocket instead of spending it on things he likes. This is real effort.

Sure, some other guy could pay for a date every night. But he's making loads of cash and he's only spending 10% of it on you. Sure that other guy could pick you up and take you to the places you wanna go but he already has a car and that's completely hassle-free. Sure he's buying you bouquets of flowers but what's that compared to the money he makes?

So before you become blinded by all the shiny things he can offer, ask yourself the following question.

Take away the convenience, would he still do it?

True effort is not what you give. It's how much you give compared to what you have.


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