Sunday, June 12, 2016

Reflection: The Growth of Nationalist Consciousness (Literature)

Philippine Nationalism in its earliest form; sparking revolutions that free Filipinos from the Spaniards.

Modern-day nationalism.
            The form of Literature as of this moment is primarily dominated by the Spaniards. It is the period where novels are made that has a message for revolution or a call of Philippine nationalism to freedom. Such kind of enlightenment takes place when most of the Illustrados (the middle class) are studying in Europe, plus any other factor like the Suez Canal, the Education Decree of 1863, and most of all, the execution of GomBurZa. Both the works of Jose Rizal and Pedro Paterno are depicting the System that the Spaniards are prevailing in the Philippines at that time. Also, it is the introduction of essay, the novel, and print journalism.

            This discussion gives me an insight on the heightened significance of the rising enlightenment on the path of patriotism. Most of these things are the result of factors that have taken place in Europe, particularly the French Revolution. Works like Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo also contributes on the Philippine Revolution. The Illustrados founded the Propaganda movement to do essays that are against the masses. While the Katipunan uses Tagalog in making literary works for the unity of the masses.

            The overall point of discussion is that literature was the key to make the people knowledgeable. Thus, further enlighten the people who read the literary works and to know the reality about everything evil. Finally, the determination by these people who are involved in the revolution gives us the freedom we have today.

For Additional information, kindly refer to the presentation below regarding the discussion. Thank you.


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