Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reflection: Dead Stars

A Paz Marquez Benitez Story made reflected and as well, summarized.


"That phase you were speaking of is natural enough for a beginning. Besides, that, as I see it, was Alfredo's last race with escaping youth--" By Don Julian From the short story “Dead Stars”.

            Upon receiving this task, I think it will be a little bit difficult to me considering that the short story was very long in detail and several factors need to be considered. First, I read the whole story, in which it was very long. Second, I check the conversational lines whether it has significance or not. Third, I check its valuable importance, particularly it depicts time. And lastly, I imply it to real life situations involving time
            I chose this line because it was so appealing to me in a way I value time. It appeals in the way time was depicted figuratively. It speaks in a form of language that is figuratively spoken in a way that some people can really get the point. It describes the scenario Alfredo Salazar was facing – being an old man in which he was still on the way to marriage. It was uttered by Alfredo’s father, Don Julian, while they are in a conversation with Carmen, Alfredo’s sister.
            The line itself sent a huge impact upon me. I learned that time is so valuable to us, particularly to have time with our friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances and others. It help me to value time more, every second, every minute, every hour of every greatest moments of my life in which it can be taken place once. For instance, in spite of the fact that I am on the side of my mother before she had her last breath, there is still lack of time for me to take care of her considering me taking my summer classes including this one. Like in the short story, Alfredo takes more time taking up as a law student in which his parents want him to become a lawyer before setting plans to marry Esperanza.

            Overall, this line provides us the importance of time and the consequences on wasting it. It also provides a lesson among us that time is more than valuable than anything that exists in this world. Finally, time itself will be utilized in gaining memory and experiences that will fill human personality until the end of time. 

For the power point presentation of the story, just check it right below this text.
Presentation1 from aileenmanili

Reflecting the story is good for the mind, especially for literature enthusiasts.


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