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Prioritizing Defense in a Balance

Speaking of sovereignty, it is not free nor it is given easily. It always come with a cost where blood has been shed, weapons acquired even though they were expensive, and of course, immeasurable acts of bravery and sheer determination to protect the freedom of self-rule.

However, such viewpoints does not basically think out by the masses where priorities are for survival, self-gain and feeding mouths out for satisfaction, in which it was not bad after all.


The discussion matter was all about defense priorities and its nature. Speaking of which, a nation's defense spectrum is relatively divided into two parts, internal and external. Internal defense deals with domestic threats which range from bandits to notorious rebels who fights for an ideology that can make or break a nation. That in which can spark a revolution or a civil war where it can harm not only both sides, but the civilians as well. While External defense deals with boarder patrols where troops or ships, even jets and other system mechanisms protect a nation from foreign aggression with the use of sophisticated systems, routine patrols, and air defense zones. This in which they can deter trespassers, intruders and anything that violates the entry to the sovereign nation that poses danger to the citizens themselves.

Philippine Navy Modernization Plan. Source: Phil. Navy website
The recent issue talks about the incoming administration and its stance on the AFP Modernization Program. Both the incoming Secretary of Defense Gen. Lorenzana and the Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen Visaya expressed interest to continue upgrading military arsenal to its full potential of being a self-credible deterrence where other nations think twice whether to attack or not.

However, this was not always the case. The incoming president Pres-elect Rody Duterte, having the talks with businessmen recently on a business forum in Davao last tuesday,
explicates that FA-50 lead-in fighter trainers are a waste of money, saying that is good for ceremonial fly-bys, and instead insisting for focusing on internal matters first. However, he also explicates that waiting on the outcome of the arbitration which is indeed, a good thing. Deployment of coast guard ships are also in the matter. Also which is good citing that it was a civilian vessel and not a military one. However, such statements regarding the jets, priorities preferring internal defense and acquiring weapons regarding it like close air support planes and choppers, not also to mention speedboats are deemed demoralizing not only to the Air Force personnel, but also to the Philippine Military as a whole citing that the Modernization program puts itself into a mere uncertainty in which it will be continued or not.

In this case, an analysis will be made citing how important external defense is as to internal defense and the fair treatment of all threats, both foreign and domestic.

Phil. Air Force FA-50PH. Credits to owner.
Equal priorities do mean taking any threats very seriously. That also means not downplaying any threats nor underestimating the capabilities an enemy should have as per Sun Tzu's art of war has been reiterated. Regarding such a matter, it is convenient to have Sun Tzu's work posted here instead.

Furthermore, citing the geographical input of the Philippines as an archipelago, it is appropriate to have the Army with the Police and Special Forces handle the internal threats while the Air Force and the Navy do the border and air patrols. Thus, every branch really have a proper assignment and such, every personnel have their worth of labor which is allocated to the right situation.

Regarding to the viewpoints that needs to be reiterate here, this is a post made from our site extension, Pitz Defense Analysis.

Re: Defense Priorities. 
Explain this: 
Why does Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore buy weapons? Will they fight for China? Perhaps no. 
Now apply this the same situation: We are buying jets, warships and missiles. Are those for China? Again, no. 
Now. Internal threats. Is AFP ONLY FOR INTERNAL THREATS? NO! It also involves external threats. 
Of course China is much powerful than us. Is that enough to back out in the fight? No. And it shouldn't be. Our enemy being stronger than us does not mean we just succumb to their knees. What I mean is, we must defend what is ours! And as for downplaying China as a threat, that is the greatest, bullsh*t I ever read in one's life as a citizen of this beloved nation. I will not be surprised by then that this the same people also suck some Chinese d*cks in exchange for economic progress. 
I am not only referring to the incoming President, but for his followers as well. I do believe that actions do speak louder than words, but words as well are sharp weapons that can demoralize people. 
If you wanted to enlighten and/or critic this points, please. Be my guest.

Speaking of which, any threat to sovereignty, no matter how strong or weak it is, or even how great or wicked the adversary is, must be dealt accordingly. However, there are some things that just needs to be clear out. Sometimes, the reality is just there, hidden in plain sight. Thus, one can say that the enemy was in the self. It holds some truth within it, citing that a less knowledgeable masses can be used against the what so-called ideal solutions into the problem that such minds are being twisted to see the bad over the good. The point being - citizens who are counterproductive are deemed to get help so that they can be a better citizen rather than being a threat to society.


In this case, here is the shortened given summary of what SRDP can do to save the modernization program in the next administration. [Link]

According to PH Defense Today (, it is deemed true that in order to fulfill the mandate of protecting the Philippine Territory, as well as its sovereignty, all in accordance to what the 1987 Philippine constitution stipulates that the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines must be fully-equipped to fight on what is the 21st-century form of conflicts. The whole modernization program, from its inception from 1995, until today, we witness its slow, thorough process that most of the people wouldn't have noticed until the awareness of Chinese hegemony in the West Philippine Sea has taken noticed.

To quote this further: To sustain the gains of the defense buildup, particularly in a fiscal environment that favors domestic concerns and populist programs, the Department of National Defense must demonstrate that the billions of pesos spent on its acquisitions have a direct benefit to the Philippine economy. By implementing the provisions of the AFP Modernization Law that require technology transfers and domestic production, the AFP modernization program could be packaged as a investment in new income-generating industries rather than superfluous expenditure.
Support for the domestic arms industry, and the employment they generate, could very well be what ensures continuity of the modernization program in the Duterte administration.
Citing the need of handling the defense against both foreign and domestic threats, as well as improving our very own military industrial complex, it is deemed true that adversaries like China, or the rebels that still creating problems in this nation, is still capable to have punch that may take lives, livelihood, peace and sovereignty the heroes, the forefathers have shed blood in order for that to take place. Furthermore, the points given are deemed important that priorities are deemed to be balanced and not favoring one into the other.
Equal priorities mean equal opportunities, and with equal opportunities saw great potentials that not only the individual would have benefit from it, but everybody is. The point being: Let there be no defeatist attitude prevail in such a dilemma. Instead, think positive and hope for the best. Also, do expect for the worst.


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