Sunday, June 5, 2016

Emotional Maturity And How To Master It

Some people tend to have their weak heart and some are emotionally numb. Collide two people with different personalities, and it will be like chemical reaction, like Mentos applied in a bottle of soft-drinks.


The person with a weak heart tend to get humiliated, depressed, and have themselves overwhelmed with sheer sadness where everything goes collapsing as if there is no hope in sight. Discouraging as it seems, but the constant bombardment of the different spectrum of realities smacking right in front of the faces of these people can attest to this thing.

In such a case, emotional maturity in simplified terms is the level of mature understanding on things as for emotional matters. All of that includes dealing with people of different personalities and the way they act on people. Attitudes in such a case are deemed to be decoded and make an idea about the person's emotional strengths and weaknesses where it creates an opportunity or threat to the person's existence and such conundrum will make the person either the best of him, of her or just the exact opposite.

In this matter, it will be dealing with the way an individual must interact with other people in a way that emotions are deemed considered, choice of words are mere necessity, and actions calculated in order to control the necessary outcome and as well not aggravate one's emotion.


Emotional as she seems.
Sign language is one of the first things that we need to see very thoroughly to another person so that we can understand the way emotional maturity works upon the actions other persons do subliminally. In such a manner, an individual can see what the other person seems and it is indeed the most basic thing to do since it was easy it is to see other's emotions.

However, such sign language, upon the untrained eye, can be easily misinterpreted that the reactions a person can do is different from what have actually happened. Thus, instead of solving the problem, it will only aggravate the situation and worse, that would mean ending friendships and worse, creating enemies from what supposedly to be closer relationship. And all of that comes as the result of mere misunderstanding of things that when the reasons slowly come out, such ideas will be clarified and instead the one who reacted will definitely apologize to the inconvenience in such a matter. The thing is, such sign language must be predetermined and assuming things is indeed not recommended in this matter. Thus, it needs deeper understanding as for the things behind the person's emotion as for why he or she is happy, or sad, and so on and so fourth.

Bottom line is that, sign language is indeed basic and most people can obtain it. However, such basis comes the deception where the individual just come up with the commentaries of sorts without any solid basis. Thus, an emotional mature person does not rely on this matter alone.


Sweet, romantic, raised up or aggressive in tune, the tone of the voice is indeed a matter where everybody went wild or suddenly out of control if such tune is used. Unless of course, if one is emotionally mature.

The voice tone in such a matter will be calculated that upon the discussion matter it will color up where everything goes fine and meaningful or, mere profanities and anger varying upon the topic given as either it goes controversial or essential, stupidity or necessity, or somewhat other things regarding to its importance. The tone in itself makes the discussions either interesting or not so interesting still regarding to topic. Such tune also shows out the emotions of the person and as well the desire of the person that these things do affect the outcome of the situations and as well determining relationships and other social matters. In these, the tone of the voice is also another consideration for the emotionally matured person to understand what the other person undertakes, either it may be the best moments in life or the most embarrassing ones.

In lay man's term, the voice tones, along with sign languages, gives a wide spectrum as for the emotions such person has in which it serves as a window of a person's very personality and all of his or her way to handle things socially.

To complete the factors, let us put one important factor that really makes the person emotionally mature.

Not all people are emotional.
Do not assume.
Messages can easily be decipher if two first factors applied too well plus understanding the hidden message in such emotions by connecting the dots.

This is the part of emotional maturity where emotions is not the basis to determine the message behind such emotions. It really deals with logic based on presumptive knowledge as for the know-how who the person really is, the things affiliated with the person, and some additional factors. In this case, emotional maturity isn't not fully emotional at all. It also includes analytical knowledge, logic and most of all, common sense where everything comes altogether. All of which gives the whole picture of the person's emotional strengths and weaknesses that in the event of all those things gone wrong, it might as well be mitigated and get the person comforted by those who understand one's emotion, preferably friends and relatives.

Overall, the messages, together with other two factors, will make the individual fully mature emotionally so as to deal other people, everything will be controllable.


In summary, emotional maturity is all about understanding other people, how to deal with them accordingly and most of all, handle things with them that they feel closer and much trustful to the one who understands them fully, as if it was the way friendship works. In such a case, emotional maturity is indeed a big plus in gaining many friends. Practice it, and social life will become much wonderful.


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