Monday, June 27, 2016

Conviction and Humble Service

Where simplicity and humility is deemed a necessity to do a job which is made naturally, this is which it was made all inspiring.


Conviction, in lay man's term refers to two things, first it was regarding about the person whose guilty of a crime and thus, getting affirmed by the court and was declared to be sentenced in an insurmountable time period. The other being firm on principles, beliefs, and ideals that one have which is deemed right to fight on. In such a case, we are about to discuss the firmness of one's belief of fighting what is right not to show things off, but for the sake of being true and showing a real testament of mere camaraderie and acting in a sense of humble service.

Proper meaning of pride.
In the society, it was deemed true that one is bragging of something that make one's head big which either it can inspire the people or simply just pissing them off due to the fact that such merits give them the things which make the person think that they are these somebody who are the other people envies on where in fact such attitude really stink to the point that having too much bravado defeats the real purpose of just service and instead focusing on the greatness of a person which is not commendable for.

In such a case in this matter, conviction serves as a guise of guilt which is the first set of meaning of what the word means, in a sense that pride should be done in a good way and not used as an excuse to make certain mistakes that a wrong will be made right simply because the person who made the mistake is great. For instance, there was this institution like a grade school where parents are only allowed on the perimeters of that certain campus. Then there was this parent wanted to see her kids whether they behave or not. Hence, the guard won't allow that parent to enter. Guess what happened next... This parent bragged the guard to permit her entering the campus because she graduated this course being the school valedictorian, then passed the board exam with flying colors, then being the officer of a certain company, so on and so fourth. Will that make things better? Of course not. Citing that such bravado do make more enemies than friends due to the fact that achievements are made just to make a mistake and done as if it was the right thing to do. No, it is still wrong. Black is black and white is white. And one cannot make mistakes considered as right. Thus, the advocate of being humble with conviction shall instill in this matter. In what way? Well, it was simple. Just ask the guard humbly that refer to the administration to check the kids for that parent. Then, done. Easy as pie. That also make befriending with a guard a huge benefit.

The point in this matter is that in mere simplicity and humility, a person's attitude can make or brake the impression of what the person sees from the others. And in matters such as this one, humble actions with conviction shows that a person is deemed a professional one, showing considerations upon the things around and is sincere in his or her intentions where it makes more friends, not foe.

Caricature: Manila Times editorial portrait
regarding the stance in the West Philippine Sea
In this case, fighting for what is right is equal to fight for what is the primary belief in a sense that it was considered the norm in a civilized nation. In this case, it talks about the fight in the sovereignty of nations in which the adversary was much powerful than both of the nations shown in the caricature, namingly Indonesia and the Philippines. In this case, it has clearly shown where conviction directs one person to a certain ideal where the other person believes in a different way.

To balance things up, the incoming leader in the Philippines has the conviction of getting rid of the country from narcotics, corruption, and any other plague that is infesting the society and thus, hampers growth. That was, in contradictory to what the caricature shows. However, it was as well hopeful that patriotism will reach to such level that a leader will have conviction not only in solving social problems, but also keen up to stand up and protect the claims and sovereignty itself. Thus, the hope pertains to listening to advisers and eventually retracting one statement and releasing another. This time, with logical basis or facts.

Conviction in this case was given a best example where it makes or breaks the leadership and stance of a leader of a nation when it comes on a disputes like this one. Furthermore, in such caricature, in such a case of exhibiting deeds of courage one leader or statesman that is indeed inspiring to others for them to see, it is that probable that one can set an example for others to follow suit. Thus, the domino effect will take place as popularized upon the principle of one person with conviction to fight for what is right. Another is the popular exit of United Kingdom from European Union which is deemed shocking for the international community citing the fact that a great European nation was set to leave the 28-country union which is affecting market prices across the world, losing a lot of money. However, that also means that such country like Britain will likely be free from what the EU imposes at in a sense that they have full control on their economic policies in a way that in the long term, they will benefit from it fully.

The point being is that with conviction that doing things in orderly fashion and as well stand firm to the belief of doing things right is tantamount to become the core of inspiration for some other people to follow suit and thus, such character are made to be commended all out of humble service. And it is not begged on.


Conviction is essential to do the right things regardless of any opportunity right on getting the wrong things specifically for self-gain. Furthermore, it makes a person learn more about things which is deemed fighting for and as well as heeding for the right advice which is coherent to humble service. Thus, the thing was not all about show-offs. It was about doing what is right.


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