Friday, June 10, 2016

Close-minded Fanatics and Its Societal Dangers

Fanatics are fighting for an ideology which logically speaking is highly questionable that it defies social norms on morality and ethics. Thus, it is dangerous to have this people who have fought on false ideals.


The main discussion regarding this matter was not about idolatry, workplace ethics, religious values or anything that is indeed considered as social norms. This was more on people fighting for wrong ideas, logical fallacies, short-sighted anomalies, and more of what is considered ideologically junk.

Fanatics in such a matter refer to the groups of people supporting an individual or worshiping an individual that clearly equates to as cult. This was different to religion wherein good moral values are promoted and people have the right to question their beliefs where the theologians seek to answer their thoughts. And also on this matter, religions of today equate more to peace and love between people, where cults were gone out of equation. However, this discussion was not on religious matters. For the main feature of the topic refers to those people who choose to have their minds closed and instead follow their idolized stars, good or bad, without questioning.

In the discussion, we will discuss as to the root cause of the fanaticism, its equivalence to hypnosis and how to resolve these problems.
Close-minded fanatics are like
sleepwalkers. Misguided.

The root cause of fanaticism may vary on the spectrum of life each and every person may face. Either they face the harshest of life, or does not have the opportunity to show up their potentials is indeed making them desperate enough to be a fanatic of things, not to mention that their level of thinking and logical knowledge of things is insufficient to see the clear picture and instead believing on the reverted ideologies regardless of its grave mistakes.

Being desperate is one thing, but is insufficient enough to act up as a radical and make extremely crazy things that are unacceptable to social norms, especially if one has a sound mind. Having the insufficient knowledge is another thing, but this thing on itself is indeed dangerous enough that even in not so desperate circumstances, this was still dangerous. It was as if their minds are specifically designed to listen and see things they really wanted to hear and see, and disregard some other things that is not in accordance to their thinking where all of which attributes to insufficient knowledge where rationality was not the discussion throughout the childhood days. One cannot blame for kids for have no interest on knowledgeable things, for they wanted to have their colorful, playful days complete. But too much of this things, or any things, work and study do apply, may hamper the learning ability of the child where, the insufficient knowledge do attribute that some time in the future, half-baked knowledge, regardless of being desperate or not, is deemed dangerous.

The point of this thing is that one’s present actions may reflect the results in the near future. And all of it, radicalization, fanaticism and more will be prevented with sufficient knowledge and as well having people understand between real and fake.


This is the psychological spectrum of fanaticism where people were manipulated subliminally, without them noticed, ending up believing they wanted to believe, even though it was morally wrong. No questions asked.

In this matter, these were inter-correlated one after the other citing that a half-baked mind and desperate thinking simple made these people simply manipulated to do bad things, pretty bad things. And they have no doubt questioned its credibility. They were just up for grabs, thinking that it will benefited on the false hopes feeding up all thanks to the root causes that made up what they have become. Talents never tapped, thinking and acting like a zombie. Such attributes will definitely never get noticed by those who are under such influence by others. Instead they will do more and they tend to get satisfy to the things they believe will help them where in fact it will not help at all. Throw them realities and they tend to throw argumentum ad hominems to the messenger and not the message in itself. They tend to believe at questionable sources rather than the credible ones. Such is a dangerous attribute. All of which is related to a person hypnotized.

Overall, hypnosis and fanaticism, although they have distinct differences, will have interconnections once such circumstances arise. And such thinking of the people, psychologically wise, once molded wrongly, is indeed dangerous to see.


The very obvious and as well the most effective solution is to convince them and feed them with right knowledge. Albeit the difficulties, a friend or two and as well as some relatives close to that person is enough to have this individual’s mind changed.

And it comes with several difficulties. One of which is that such person at first will resist any informative ideas coming from relatives or even third-party persons and insist that their ideas were right. There was nothing wrong to fight to such an ideal. However, if it was the wrong ones, it is as well not tolerated as far as social norms are concerned. So, in such a case, it all needs is one’s power of persuasion, preferably coming from the ones close to that person, in such a case that wrong ideals in some way can be corrected and realities getting swallowed up. So that in such a case, a challenge can be brought up and solve it legally and in accordingly with social norms where all of which without influence, and more of self-motivation and proper guidance. Thus, such individual will play a key part on the society’s improvement and if he was fighting for ideals, it was indeed the right ones all in the mere case of social justice and proper mindset that makes such person productive.

In this case, a person will be his or her better version than the one who is easily influenced. This individual fights for rightly things, free from other’s manipulation of minds and is the catalyst of the betterment in the society. Somewhat that is commendable from the workplace to the respective homes.


There is still hope with this people having enlightened by truth and not some misleading, false ideologies where it suits one’s mind. Albeit the difficulties, there is still some chances for these persons to be upright and become productive citizens. And thus, helping one after the other sharing the valuable knowledge with logic and not with rumors is ideal to create a better society. Clearing facts from fiction, and fanatics will be no more.


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