Friday, May 6, 2016

Pitzviews Facebook Page, Others Can Do Live Stream

Tech Advancement. Now with new features in the social media site Facebook, all of pages of different users and organizations now can do live streams for up-to-date information.

Pitzviews Infotech - The Facebook pages users, individual and organizations alike, can now show updates simply by making a live stream through a smartphone. This was made possible upon the pages administrator with a smartphone, can go online and get the stream live to get the fresh information from the field that is a necessity for today's bombardment of knowledge of all types, from news to entertainment.
Live streams made easy! (
In the Pitzviews Facebook Page, there were two (2) test broadcast that were successfully uploaded and was then put in this review:

"The live video streaming, through these two live test broadcast, is deemed proven that such feature will definitely done at the future date where huge events of sorts like concerts, grand rallies, anniversaries and more will be updated and get live just on the use of smartphones. And so it is known, it is for the benefit of all those who will use it, including this site, to promote what it really is on the 360-degree viewpoint that is deemed equal to see."

With that, all of the things that seems to be difficult that one professional needs an encoder to do such stream will be simply get done with just a smartphone. All of it are an advancement of technology towards a brighter future.

How is it done?

For smartphones, both iOS and Android, one must have a Facebook page whose focus is really on something. (iOS already have such feature for individual Facebook accounts, but not yet that widespread.)

Once a Facebook page was established, install "Facebook Pages Manager" straight from either the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. Then after that, start a post where the live stream sign was shown below where the tags, photos and activities tab is situated.

And, that's it. One can do now a live stream with these simple steps...

Same feature coming soon for individuals...

Accordingly, such feature will be introduced soon to individual accounts who don't own a Facebook page. However, all of that will eventually requires patience where the things regarding such feature is still on the development stage with some iOS gadgets having it and the rest... Coming soon.

For the Pitzviews

This feature will surely used in the near future as part of the better information dissemination program as what this blog site is to aim for which is to give some constructive, logical and as well up-to-date viewpoints on things regardless of interest wherein it was meant to make the people much informative in a way which is real and as then it is based on facts and is not made up of anything without basis.


Updates for Philippine Presidential, Vice-Presidential, Senatorial and Local elections will be on this blog site and our Facebook page. Check it upon May 9... 


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