Friday, May 20, 2016

Patience Is A Virtue (Unemployment Feels)

One is like to see the rest of the world, being envious of other people whose achievement already gone to the next stage of their lives; and we are here writing this blog entry upon the date indicator attached with this written text...


It was already ended; the period of studying things up such as acquiring skills needed to put on the next level of attribution as per stipulated standards are concerned. And commendations upon the exiting from the institution always sees the glimpse; the opportunities that are like seeing at the light getting overwhelmed with its brightness.

However, this was not always the case. One cannot simply get the jobs they wanted to get. In the 7 billion plus population on this planet, getting the fittest of work that is desirable in the workplace is like putting a thread in the needle where it takes time to get attached to start the sewing process that makes a company or organization (which is characterized by a shirt) sitting upright in the market and makes it attractable to investors and creditors alike.

No financially-problematic people wants to stay unemployed. Unless one is the owner of a business operated with fellow stockholders, an ordinary citizen must have a job that fits to one's eligibility and/or credibility statuses such as transcript of records, certificates and other additives that what makes an applicant much attractive over the other. What a process it may gone up to be.


It was indeed normal to a newly-graduated person to have such feeling as this one wherein one is already so much excited to land a job in an ideal workplace with an ideal benefits and salary and as well with ideal colleagues. All of which is out of daydreaming throughout the college life that such things are really meant to get happen with as much as effort needs to get exerted and as well have much plans such as proceeding to masters degree or getting another course like law or having variations as to things but still considers as such.

Inasmuch as these real life issues are concerned, one really wants a job citing that it serves as a key to achieve to the highest of dreams. Monetary gains can get multiplied when deposited in banks that incur interest rates, on bonds that pays on a higher rate upon term, and stocks where its fair value increases really do make a gain a lot. As far as these things are concerned, an individual do require a lot of patience in this kind of dilemma citing that in any applying statures, anything is not that automated since that every application is under scrutiny whether it may pass the standards or not. As for such kind of situation, all what we have to do is to wait until everything gets clear.

Patience is not only apply to the workplace. But also to life in general. Life in such a way where a person is attached emotionally to another person. Either in the name of love, or in the name of friendship, all of which is what perceived as bond of such a person to the other all in the name of happiness. However, not everything in such a case is perfectly laded as planned.

So true nowadays
So as much as it is to see regarding to the disadvantages of being unemployed is that everything that one aspires of is indeed limited to the given resources and supplementary at the home with their parents or guardians that patience is a necessity that in order to keep things going, a positive mindset on things is needed to get enhanced and as well boosting the morale of those hopeful still doing nothing in their respective areas where hobbies are indeed done just to cover up time...

As per attachments on others, it is no doubt that one is doing a desperate, yet an effective remedy in order to cope up the problems in life as well as enhancing the virtue of being patient in such a way that being weird is indeed being common in those people doing nothing than those who were occupied with work assignments and have dedication to have things possible that many will benefit from such striving attitude.

While waiting...
For this, patience is indeed a virtue. One must know that there is always the right time on getting things right, on getting things achieved, in fulfilling the greatest of dreams that it may be, or something else that is indeed important in one's life. Well, regarding to this topic, this quote from Twitter is indeed directly on-point.


Patience is indeed a virtue not only to employment issues, but to life in general. It was simply directed to unemployment since it serves as the key to make dreams come true. Say, stable income, luxurious things, better life. Success is indeed in the corner. It was gone unnoticed, but it is there. And it is on us whether we see it or not. But for now, it is better to wait for a while and enjoy life at its very fullest. It was deemed uncertain what the future will bring, but with patience everything is under control. With patience makes life much thrilling, an experience worth reminiscing, and a memory worth taking for many years to come.


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