Friday, May 27, 2016

From the Lowest to Glory

Standing up proud, stumble down and and tries to stand again. Reviewing, getting the exam, fails and try again. Experimentation, fails and repeats all over again. It is the matter on how to give up or not.


In every moment, a person subjects to success or failure. It was all based on what the actions a person made, and also luck and blessings. Such intensity of these things will either sooth us or break us, it all depends on the context.

In this context, this was preferably all about the person, whose status in life is in the lowest, doing all the best in order to surpass the difficulties the life it may bring, so that the glory of life will be somewhat attained on the context of improving one's self to the betterment he or she deserves as a reward from the efforts made from rags to riches.

Furthermore, it was indeed intended to motivate the inner self that no matter what the circumstances the life may bring along in its harshest realities keeps on bombarding the fragile heart in everyday things, the self is getting stronger than ever that one day, in amidst of the crises there is, this person prevails above all others.

Keep on Fighting Soldier!
Reference: Saving Private Ryan
This ain't no microscope manual where the lowest magnification goes first, in which it was correct upon context, nor this pertains about the lowest winning bidder whose post-qualification process makes it fails the process. This was all about the humbleness of labor where it all starts from the lowest rank within the organization.

One cannot simply enter the military and was already promoted to lieutenant (unless one is a military academy graduate) nor cannot rank up within the organization that most people wanted themselves to see. All of these people, military and civilian alike starts from the very lowest rank there is, which is the recruit.

A recruit is indeed very lucky to surpass the preliminary process of determining their capabilities first hand before entering the organization. Thus, applicants do also have the same thing in their minds when they get their eligibility examinations and thus, passed. With that, congratulations since another leap will take place. For those who fail, time to contemplate as to what went wrong, where the failures may be and find a way to pass it next time.

As per such circumstances, there is always the way in achieving things up, where all it needs is determination. If one fails preliminaries and is looking for a job, find one where it is suitable temporarily where such ideological mindsets incurred throughout the college years will be applied in the area of expertise that one makes the best impression where the hard work will one day, were paid off.

At the lowest, overall, is the best thing to start a career adventure where the road to success is the thing that makes the work description much colorful in the sense that the journey is wonderful than the destination itself.


In this case, ignore luxurious life, girlfriends and some other useless stuff. Leave the things that is important to one's life: Productive activities that will help the self or the others. Blog writing, analysis-giving, knowledge-sharing, and some other things are deemed necessary will eventually make things a bit easier.
Always start from nothing.
Source: website
From nothing means motivation to strive more. In this, a person is indeed thirsty. So thirsty of the necessity of a better life not only for the person but also for those of his or her family. In such a necessity, being from none is indeed a driving force that regardless of any kind of distractions have gone along the way, these things will easily get overcome that in the right time comes, success will be gone achievable of the person all thanks to his or her sacrifice and hard work.

Dreams in such a case is indeed, in any cases possible in the eyes of the optimist will be achievable. Even if it takes so much time to get it right, these people will definitely never give up no matter the circumstances it may bring, nor the pragmatic things moving in such a way that surrender is not in their grammar. In the lowest points life may bring, one will focus a lot in one thing which is to stand up, move forward and make one's self satisfied with the happiness and economical independence where everything is sustained and every problems that have dealt financially will never get a problem at all.

Economic Independence

Being motivated to work harder for the sake of the betterment of lives is indeed good. With that, the starting point of one's career, if done well, will definitely propel one's self to glory. However, if one is not happy of what he or she is doing, it was appropriate to either learn to love them or change to what it is seemed to be better. The thing is that, a person, at the beginning of the career path, must perform good in order to achieve the goals a person wants to achieve.

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