Thursday, May 19, 2016

Change Is Coming (From Us)

Change for the better in order to make dreams and aspirations come true is indeed in hearts of minds of each human being. That is, out with the old, come in the new.

It is always for the better
We as a person tend to do the things we usually do from the past in which adjustments are required to be made to cope up with the trends in the society. All of which is in a balancing act with preserving the values, traditions and cultures in the past which is to commemorate our departed loved ones, ancestors and such.

However, in a family structure, particularly on the self, change is indeed easier said than done, citing that change on self requires courage, determination and hard work in which it also means that the level of thinking involves deeper sense of logic and creativity in such a way that pushing one's self out of their respective comfort zones are difficult to attain since they are already fond of doing or living in something common, a sense that change in itself is a bit hard to attain.

With this, changing one's self comes in many ways that self-determination in doing so is deemed attainable.


The first glance in get change to come in one's self is being optimistic to have it. How is this so? There must be a positive belief on things wherein such ideals attain in the self is indeed based to what is right and just in such a way that everybody in the surroundings will benefit. 

Optimistic glance comes with the belief that everything that will undergo this transition will be swiftly attainable in a sense that every challenges coming ahead is indeed capable to survive even the harshest of onslaught that has come along the way. In such a case, being optimistic reduces the risk of simply giving up that such a defeatist attitude will never get things better no matter how to change the perspective in it. Also, such brave souls who thinks clearly that the present status quo is simply not enough to cope up with the present demand within the family like unemployment or financial are surely up to the challenge to change themselves from useless beings to income-generating elements that will ensure progress and excellence.

With this, such beliefs if applied and enhanced further, can surpass the harshest of life it may bring, and as well to be aware to the surrounding and all of failures will be weight out with sheer determination just to succeed in life.

Jim Rohn's quote on discipline
Instilling discipline in one's self plays a factor for a real change in self. Anything luxurious things aside, such restricted principle of having self discipline in all aspects is useful in various situations in which it is tough to achieve. Though discipline in itself removes the fun a little bit, but for sure it will show the self a path to a successful life.

Change to self requires discipline, and it is known to many that such idea is indeed difficult to achieve from the starting point. Such difficulty is the result of having the comfort within the limitations or simply called their "comfort zones." However, being matured and as well getting wiser and wiser overtime do make this zones easily to breach with discipline as its guide to simply get things done and better change to be attainable. Furthermore, discipline does not only cover the obedience of the self and getting restricted on things that may seem as fun. It also gives the person the lime light on basic good manners and right conduct in which it can enhance further in a way that it eventually improve one's personality and thus, gaining the respect, credibility and trust from other person citing the fact that such principle gives the good breed among the members of the family and acting accordingly in the fully civilized world.

Discipline, overall is a driving force supplemented by optimistic attitude to further push the desire of change. With that, everything that the self will do will be in accordance with the rules and regulations that the self and the organizations would have to imply, and such ideas will help us create an ideal, orderly person within a desired orderly society.


Change requires self-motivation and optimistic mindset. All of which indeed gives the person the force to pursue the dreams of being a much relevant individual in the society which is an advocate and a catalyst of change. All of which thanks to the beliefs that one obtains where other persons simply cannot break in. All of this can change the world, if and only if, the change starts from the self.

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  1. Is it democratic or communistic ideology to solve crime by making crimes ?


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