Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Woman's Purity

This writing refers to the message for us men that a woman's purity needs to be respected and preserved.

She is pure.
A woman's sacred body.
Her body is a vessel. It is the the physical manifestation of her innocence. It is pure.

When she gives herself to you, she gives up a piece of her that she can never get back. She risks staining her purity. Virginity may not be the exact sign of purity, but numerous senseless intercourse will stain not only her body but also her mind and possibly even her soul after a certain extent. If this is not a sign of love then I do not know what is.

So before you tell her how you feel and start making her fall in love with you, think twice. No, think more than twice. Become certain of your feelings because sometimes people rush into relationships thinking they're in love only to realize later on that it isn't.

And although it was never your intention to hurt her, you already have. Not only have you cause her pain but you have stained her as well. You have taken something you can never give back and she has lost a part of her that will always remain unfound.

If you cannot appreciate a woman's body without lust, then you are not in love.

Make purity a priority...

By Macky Buenaventura


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