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A Plight Of Labor And Work For A Living

Each and every individual, once in the ripe age, has the necessity to survive in a way that one has to work up with the competition all around that person. And that means raising standards and determination.

The workers of all types. Source: www.emaze.com
As written before in this very blog site, the fruits of all labor is indeed beneficial to the person who works hard in a job and harvest all of the things, privileges and benefits after exchanging it from the duties and responsibilities to the services an employee renders to the company and is the driving force that would mean the success of the organization and its foothold in the market. In such a matter, competition and the population increase all across the planets mean that looking for a decent job was deemed difficult and thus, increasing standards was a necessity in order to keep things going.

Keep the mouth shut. Source: Charity Lawyer Blog
So, what’s in the statement “go private before public?” Is it about doing things in private before making it public? Is it making plans in private, working it in private, and when success comes in, that’s the time that it will go public? Or, is it keeping humble all the time that making things public will be the least of priorities?

Well, the answer for these things comes in various ways. Going private before public is an expressionist gesture of being humble most of the time, although it also mean that working on private institutions is the first things before public ones, depending on one’s interpretation in it. In such a case, working with dignity and in private ways like, working in the lowest of ranks for the sake of just working of it is enough to keep the balls rolling, the cash flowing, the emotions happy, and stomachs full. Forget first the girlfriends, the luxury, the pride and some other pathetic, useless things that are not relevant in one’s life. Just have time with having a good reputation first in the job and make some family members benefited in such a matter for a while and the self of course. Have the girlfriends, luxury, and some other useful hobbies come second in the priorities section, and just dump the pride and the pathetic, useless things in the trash can of mere discontent. And just keep things as it is. Do not publicize it.

The thing is that, don’t brag about it. It may seems that just doing a job something to get proud about, but the pride within may mean blackmailing that leads to jeopardizing careers and worse, losing the job is a near-than-thou probability that a percentage is not needed. Furthermore, publicizing things up usually ends up in mere humiliation if things went up not so well at all. Thus, the statement ‘go private before public’ means that not going public is the safest of things after all.

Friends in support inspire more.
Ever been in a party with ex-classmates, say, high school classmates, going outing in a swimming pool filled with chlorine, and you here, having this feeling of love with this woman whose wit and beauty matches on the mere ideology of what a woman really is for the self: Short-haired, intelligent woman, tall and sexy with the skin light enough to glamour the eyes, cute face, and sweet voice like an angel? Well, that’s the type of a girl I am looking for, all aside the camaraderie and leadership form of things, a thing that I am practicing for.

It was good then. However, I am not talking about girls here but since it may offer as a side topic in this blog, well it may be good to just have it here. Priorities is indeed a know-how in the person who is depressed enough that a job is more than a rocket fuel to propel things into motion. So, basically, what is the point on this thing? The answer is: pragmatism. Pragmatic love is just the tip of the iceberg in the plight of the laborer whose ideology was beyond complicated than the usual Karl Marx context in it. Well, it was not all about communism. It was all about determination in a form of inspiration. Right on indeed. The inspiration here in this context is the ideal woman whose standards is high enough to keep the pace going. All of which follows in the momentum so constant that working in a company for say, one year, was not enough for the queues to roll on. Perhaps, an eligibility course will add things a little bit, or entering a law school is a plus in such a matter. All of which plus the bank accounts with enormous amounts added by 10% interest will convince such a woman enough that the life with this guy is indeed sustainable that financial problems are not a problem. And with the ‘go private before public’ statement, it will all go surprising that all of the greatest things that are mentioned here are just not worthy to be bragged at all.

The idea here is, for clarification purposes, that priorities are a necessity to make things very important to one’s life achievable. In such a matter here, it all goes in this way: first things first. And all of that will never be possible with a huge dosage of inspiration in the recipe of a good labor. Well, the family was just one part here, and the inspiration is another. All of which makes working a better thing to do. Such a feeling will minimize the plight in labor, if not eliminating it fully.

A typical action plan.
This matter is dealing with Strategic Management, and in this subject matter we are dealing as to how we align the business horizontally by buying the competitors, or horizontally by buying our suppliers, or product development that we upgrade the capabilities of the pen we make and rename it “pen version 2.0”, and so on and so forth.

Well, that was the business perspective of the strategic management. And such perspective also applies in life itself especially on the plight in one’s labor. In what way does this individual sell himself in front of the bids and awards committee, I mean, the human resource department, in which a deal is indeed good to be true? How feasible are the vision and mission statements as far as career planning in general is concerned? What are the contents in the SWOT analysis that will make out to the Alternative Courses of Action and write a recommendation out of it? These are just some of the questions that connects strategic management to an individual and such things are about to be dealt with, accordingly. As mentioned before in this blog, looking for a job is difficult to do as if it was like hunting for treasures in the deep forest. And that was true indeed. And also, not all offers are favorable as it seems, so just deal with it. Being at the lowest was just temporary that all of these change for a time being. As for job interviews, an individual was selling himself like a product that may serve as an asset to the company (accounting terms do not include labor in their assets) in such a way that, debit labor, credit cash varying as per job description as either fixed or variable. As for success plans, relax. Just write one like; I am now eligible that I left my former job to a new one, something like that. Just don’t brag about it.

Strategic Planning was not just on business, it was on people’s lives too. It only needs implementation, they say, like lots of it. Not swore words, just action. More action that no one would notice, just with the fruits they will notice it. By then the plight of labor and work for a living is deemed important and significant to the lives it touched.


Main points are: (1) Just more actions and fewer words. With that, everything is safe to say and lesser there is the humiliation. (2) Priorities are more colorful if there is inspiration. That makes one’s job much active and dreams pushing to reality, and (3) Strategic Planning is for humans too. These were not just business, for such plans do make lives better too. Overall, the point is that an individual must work with humbleness, with salaries do meant with prayers of thanksgiving and thus, share to the family members with some deposit on a bank with 10% interest, and most of all, work with dignity. Just do the part with the thinking that lives will be better if performance makes better with inspiration as a plus. Dreams are about to be reached in such a right time that such an ideal woman will be inspired to be with the man whose plight in labor really pays off. 


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