Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Internet Speed and Data Throttling

The internet is the lifeline of most social-minded people who does want not to get left behind on the things that are gone trending all across the cyberspace. All of that comes with one, terrible problem - which is slow internet speed.


Ever been encountered a slow internet speed that really gives headache that is deemed badly on the individual as if he or she was like a fish out of water? Or, encountering a website you desire is in under maintenance that also gives headaches and hardest of sentiments? Well, it was impossible that the internet was effective at the mere perfection. We mean, there will be always time that the connections into the world wide web will be all gone out to a standstill. And that means there will be always time of problematic dilemmas that always involve the internet, especially sending reports on an email, or simply connecting with friends in the social media sites that makes bond stronger than ever!


Average speed in the Philippines: 3.60Mbps
Internet speed varies from country to country. It was just a mere fact that not all receives the same privilege.

LTE connections are some of the latest technological advancements like the fiber connectivity that gives the best of internet experience ever. With such technologies, everything, from video streaming to online chatting, all of these will be gone just as easy.

Based on the photograph given above, it is safe to assume that Philippines has such speedy internet. However, this was not the case. According to Akamai Q4 2015 rankings (via Google), Philippines was one of the slowest internet connections in the world, with only around 3.60Mbps (Ookla). That was a far cry from the the worldwide average speed of 23Mbps. Such speeds are so annoying that according to the local, mainstream news in which it was well-known (With this Forbes article's assurance) are pointed to the oligarchy's control of the business, although it can be also gone attribute to some other reasons like geography, infrastructure, government support, and of course, financially-incapable majority which they cannot afford the premium package that will eventually solve some of their connectivity problems. The thing is, even with the premium package and improved infrastructure, there was still problems that encountering regarding the internet speeds that includes annoyed maintenance that gives headache particularly to the businesses that relies on such connectivity citing that it produces the large chunk of their income and/or variables like online marketing, online transactions and services and some other things that can still be considered as such.

Again. Based on the picture, now with the statistics and factors aid out, given and was then explained, it was then considered that such individual obtaining such connections is indeed lucky. Considering the internet infrastructure matched with the mobile specifications as per cited in the package like it can support LTE connection, it is safe to say that people who have this can benefit more on the connectivity than the 99% of the population. That is not until data capping comes in to wreak havoc on its path.


In simplest of definitions, that is for starters, data capping is a data limit in which a device can only have this load of data obtained in a specific period varying on the data plans made out by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This was intended to decongest data traffic by slowing up or stop the transfer of data, all of which is to ensure clear connectivity among other users who use the service as well as clearing bottlenecks on their routers that is subject to stress and heat as the result of data transfers, that may subject to the destruction of such delicate devices and will surely hamper their connections down at hand. That as well will incur cost on the part of the provider.

In such a matter, it was best suit to choose the right package at the right price at the right usage. All of which is to satisfy the end user and to cherish the fruits of having a speedy and usable internet connection that will enable such user to do what he or she wants such as chatting, posting, or business work without adding the burden on the internet servers of the provider that will hamper services. With that comes data planning. A data plan was made out of desire for the end user in which the package vary on the data it carries together with promo-like attachments like unlimited texting or calls and even unlimited uninterrupted connections to specified sites like some of the social media outlets and online communities. It was deemed good that smartphones with data plans are subject to have indicators as to where and when will be the limits of data will be used up or used out so that there will be no additional costs on the side of the end user.

Overall, data capping is indeed a defense mechanism on the side of the provider that is perceived as suppressing the customers, as they would say, citing that internet is love, and it is life, and it is there to keep in touch of those who are afar.


Data throttling in a WiFi hotspot.
Data throttling is a limit wherein data speed was restricted to certain levels at the disposal of the provider.

The difference between data capping and this one is that data capping is about limiting data allocations whereas data throttling is more of data transfer speed. Both of which is to suppress user privilege in order to protect the routers from destruction and as well cleaning clogged data bottlenecks of these measures.


Internet speed is a determinant to progress, for it is like the public infrastructures like highways and buildings in which it was meant to serve and connect people, family, and community. It was detrimental to the citizens to get the best of customer experience they can get from the providers that indeed worth of income and fulfillment. All of which will definitely push the whole nation forward into the future on the potentials that technological advancement can really aid the people on the whole new level...


Having some time spend on real conversations is more appropriate since it was still the best thing for us social beings to do since we humans can get in touch more without the help of internet in a way that social gatherings really give some experience that most people will never forget. Keep the best of memories in a way that time was spend altogether; and all of that will not be in the aid of the technological advancements time will bring.


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