Saturday, April 16, 2016

In The Real World

The realities of life can be compared to the wilderness that can be found in the forest or somewhere in the plains of Africa. Why? The real world has infested by gossipers, naggers, credit grabbers, opportunistic people, among others.


Where college life ends, there goes real world. When employed, you are now considered as "young professionals." And with that comes with duties and responsibilities that is deemed necessary to get the whole world go round and make the person more credible than it is expected. More on to that, real world has lot of possibilities and as well risks that may wither bring the person up or down, as what his or her efforts combined with luck comes with it. Prayers gone answered or not, daily routines that was ruined unexpectedly, and so on. How to cope up was another story.


They are the guys.
Corporate world is just one part of the real world which is getting the huge chunk of most of the lives of employees of each other field, and is applicable on both private and public sectors. In this world, transactions are the routine and these things do involve huge chunks of money that satisfies each and every stakeholder who are in an organization or in other various groups. With that comes a whole lot of opportunities and also a lot of risks that will eventually matter to each newly-employed young professional in order to have their jobs guaranteed.

Assume that it was the stock market. And in the stock market comes the gamble option whether to buy more stocks or not as it will be predetermined by the market indicators across the screen. Such market indicators include politics, crime rate, national security, financial crises, and so on. With that gives the insight about the measurement of the opportunities and threats the stockholder is there upon, and as well the standing of the companies are at stake as their stocks are determined by "fair value per share" over their predetermined "par value per share." Well, in accounting terms, that explains the share acquisitions which is recorded on its preferred and ordinary share values as per predetermined by what kind of stocks the stockholder would get. With this, it is crucial to the stockholder to see the market indicators before getting such a move. And in the real world, it means facing the harshest of realities in the event of financial crisis or a company-wide bankruptcy. Such events really are depressive to those stockholders, as they were incurring losses far more devastating than the amounts they were invested in the market that will definitely take years to recover. Much worse for the employees as the companies start mass payoffs and cost-reduction strategies that will put their jobs at risk. And that would mean the employees are risking to lose their living out of such financial problems that sprout out of erroneous decisions made by the board or various schemes but still considered as such.

In the corporate world, the harshest of realities really made those stockholders and board of directors alike to really raise up their standards further as to strengthen the foothold of the company in the market in which it will garner big gains that will benefit the employees the stockholders, and the managers as well as the customers that it will signify the realizations of the potentials of the untapped market that with the right mind, everything in the real world will be easily managed.


Decision-making is crucial in the real world where it involves some crucial parts of life that will eventually determine the path that is to take in the near future. Such decisions comes with analysis in which it will weigh the feasibility of such decisions as to respect to the capabilities of the person.

In being an independent person free from any intervention, such decisions will be proven difficult citing that it will need lots of advises just in order to make things right most of the time. It was because that in every erroneous decision, it will put dreams, aspirations and also reputations in danger. it will also mean that such decisions will be free as possible from enticement, temptation, leisure, and others and will favor what is the common good which is, for the sake of the betterment of the dependents, the self, the relatives and the community. It was as well appropriate to volunteer at different organizations that in any help needed, it was then guided and as well get some experience that enhance further the decision-making skills that will make lives better and as well making things in order in a way that many really do benefit in both short and long terms as per own preferences is initiated.

Deciding what is right is the name of the game in this matter. With the harshest of realities still molding most of each others' inner self, decisions based on such combined with experience will make decision making a bit easier, somehow.


In the realities of life, it will be harsh if not tamed. If tapped, opportunities will be gathered and gains will incur. If done nothing, nothing will happen. If one subjects to change, one will be obsolete. Real life is like a hammer which bangs us like a steel so that if it was molded to a better form, that steel can see a lot of uses and will eventually benefit from it. Us are like the steel. If molded properly and was made out of quality material, which is education, it will make things gone easy as it is, for seeing the world is more of a probability. Realize the dreams. Wake up, and make it real for us and those who are around us.


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