Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hardships and Struggles: When Challenges Strikes Hard

Duties, responsibilities, and so much more, particularly in this period wherein a family is incomplete and the recovery is far from over.


It is depressive and as well harsh to say that in this period of recovery, the struggles are indeed to get worse as the time goes by and the odds are against us as if we were pushed into the wall and we are left with one option which is to push back and to improve ourselves and those who surround us in which it was for the common good. Furthermore, the hardships and struggles that will about to be discussed in this very article pertains to the experience of the wounds so fresh upon those families who lost the closest loved ones and was still struggling until today despite the measures, adaptations and the recoveries of time that is given therein..

Challenges, albeit the difficulties are putting us to the test to see if we can survive the harshest of life and as well the environment the time can give unto us and as well see and test our faith to the Almighty God in which He Himself give us the guide and the blessings in the times of distress and desperation in which we are deemed hope that one day, all of the struggles of these things will be over by the time it was made easier by our thoughts, ideas, skills, talents, and other things that involve actual, and memorable experiences that will be carry on for the rest of our lives in which we are striving harder to fulfill our dreams and as well the dreams and expectations of those who surround us that those who are departed and is already in the heavens up in the sky will be appreciated the fruits of hard work and determination the harshest of life it may bring.


Let me discuss what kind dilemma am I talking about here. Dilemmas are scenarios wherein a crucial decision was made in order to get things gone and going. That is usual in the corporate world wherein the board of directors are deciding about the faith of their company based on the reliability of their financial statements and its contents like statement of gain, loss and other comprehensive income, statement of financial position, cash flows and so on. But, let us not dwell on that. The dilemma that will be serve as the climax in this case was all about prior to the loss of the beloved loved one or the one closest to the family. In this case, I will talk about my experience about losing my mother exactly two years ago upon publishing of this deary article which the living is far that what the harshest of reality brings today. What is yesterday was all historical and the contents of it was somewhat straight out of the dream of somebody that will never happen again sometime in the future.


We are the kids of yesterday: Young, energetic, and proud. Innocent, yet cute. We are only thinking about the things that the adults may be consider as "childish" in which kids can get clinging on. In the higher classes, they were treated as prince and princesses of their tiny castle which was made out of hard work by their parents. For those who are financially challenged, it was still considered as such with little variations, which is they are already aware of the poverty they dwell in and to keep living on with it. Such is the life full of blessings and struggles it may bring.

The life before the dilemma was indeed good. We are the privileged, they say. The Blessing was all around us. The kids of the past were so happy that their needs were given and as well they were guided to become the most behave of students at that time. At kinder, the kids were ought to give packed lunch and was being guided by their beloved mother back home. A teacher, she was the one who taught this kids to read and write, to pronounce, to understand the nature of things around, and of course, moral values and ethics. All of which are still not understand by the kid until he and his sibling reaches elementary. All of which comes a bit interesting at that time. The kids of the past possess the knowledge that cannot easily compare to the majority albeit the relatives suggest that pronunciation skills were simply not enough to understand. They were bullied, and getting bullied, all of which they take necessary actions to their beloved mother whose purpose was to get things upright, no matter what. Getting further, advancements and all of those advises and such given by the mother are helpful to get things forward; propelled of what they were today. Medals are to be bestowed, citations are to be given, and commendations are to be recognized that these kids are so intellectual thanks to their mother who is a teacher in which expectations are indeed high to be achievable in terms of academic excellence.

At home, various things are needed to be consider. For a kid, the harshest of realities today are simply cannot be handled based on the standards of the past. That is why self-training kicks in to cope up with the necessity that one day, these kids must be independent and is capable to survive the harshest of conditions ever seen on this planet that the weak will eventually gave up, concede and even take off their lives among themselves as if they cannot carry the burdens of the world with them. Self-gained training are indeed harsh for the childish context whose ego was more on pleasure and game play. Eventually, these kids gave in, swallowed their pride once in a while and eventually have their job done. Even though all of these were as easy as pie at that time, the life during and after these dilemma were much more difficult than these things aforementioned.

All of those basic difficulties are put into practice and was indeed make successful to instill the basic necessities for the child to learn the simplest of things that when he and his sibling carried on to be teenagers, all of those hands-on experiences are meant to be the norms of everyday life. Inasmuch as these things are concerned, the basic understanding of life flourished further that each and every single day are meant to be seized that all of those who were involved are so happy and joyful that memories are meant to be cherished on for the rest of one's lifetime. In a complete family, every problem is meant to be solved altogether with favorable results in which each and every family members play their roles that keeps everything flowing all thanks to self-training of basic necessities and surpassing the basic of difficulties that makes adolescence molded further and humbleness prevailed.

Dwelling in the past, they say, is not suggested citing that it will make us hurt. True indeed, but it is not also necessary to just forget the past for we may learn so much things in the near future. It was like a company bench-marking procedure wherein our own standards are meant to be surpassed by ourselves for the time being. In such a case, reminiscing the so-called glorious past may see as a good thing to do. However, too much of it will only take the person nowhere but to either regret or self-remorse. One piece of advice in such a matter is that all of the lessons of the past must be remembered  for the person to see the brighter future wherein the whole world is indeed a much colorful and as well the  better place to live in, all of which cherishes the experiences and the greatest memories that will be made for the time being, all of which makes the self satisfied for the things obtained and the harshest of hardships worth it that it bears fruit all of the greatest blessings it may bring.


These were the periods wherein all of those hardships and failures do taken place, the darkest hours, weeks, months or even years of the person where there's no hope in sight. In this period the person will be tested thoroughly how he or she will survive in this so-called "test" where the exam types were all actual and the test results really do determine the outcome of the future whether it will mean prosperity or poverty.

A year after high school, the once kid turned teenager was now facing a dilemma; which the life of his mother lies at stake. She was diagnosed with a low-grade cancer, which it was just started to inflict damage on the body just yet. All of that starts in a huge lump in the lower left part of the face which it may be considered as benign at first glance that eventually confirmed later as malignant after close scrutiny post-dissecting operations. At that time, expenses are already incurring that at the later date it will give an effect that will put the family on a problematic financial position which was further worsen by sending to a place where further treatment will be done and much cash outflows will be taken place. But that won't matter since one's life is indeed pretty much important than the riches in the coffers the family can obtain. At that period, everything is much more difficult than ever before. From everyday living, classes and much more activities at home, everything is deemed difficult to get things done. Not to mention bragging, nagging, disputes and more problematic upon necessities. 

Exactly a year later, same problem arises again. This time it all goes from bad to worse. Going on for months, things like this worsen overtime wherein it affects everyday living. Shifting from one routine to the other, adjustments simply gone roughly with one problem solved upon rising another problem. It was not yet that worse until the turning point of life which is the mother of these kids took the last breath where the lungs are already filled with water as the result of worsening cancer sickness that progressed aggressively throughout the months. That was far much worse than anticipated. From hope that one will survive gone slim, and it will then amplified in the following months or even years that such family will be gone unstable than ever before.

It is by then realizable the importance of love, care, guidance and all other things where it was then gone incomplete, gone, missed. Somewhere upon these things that all of those traits are getting this kids starved so much in which it was then gone that it will leave them no choice but to weep a lot. Well, it was just the beginning of an ever-more challenging things that have gone ahead in this already destabilized family that will eventually make each of its members stronger as the time comes despite the arguments,liquor, health medications, among others. Such faith cannot be measured by any numerical figures nor in monetary terms, but all of those will eventually worth it on the things after the dilemma which pertains to hope.

However, with hope comes a tough ride. It was like riding through the storm with little certainties as for the future situation within the family structure. With cash drained on medical operations, and cash inflows are less than outflows, everything goes spiraling down below than the supposed stance and value. Collegiate schooling is worse than ever imagined. Tuition being fed up by outstanding debt, more negligence and demoralized actions, and conflict of interest aggravate the problem. The good thing is, it was mitigated a bit albeit the negativeness happened in life. Meanwhile, household activities are meant to be rearranged although adjustments necessary is still difficult to the extent that arguments, name calling and insults are prominent than what it really used to be. Pity it is, but it is usual for a family gone not stabilized.

Moreover,the harshest of challenges makes us stronger than the rest and is indeed standing out against the odds which is deemed outstanding in terms of life-giving stories that all involves standing up and never give in to temptations, nonsense and even irrelevant things that keeps going on and on and on. Also, the key duties and responsibilities are to be highlighted citing the mere fact that such virtues are meant to give life that may serve as a light to guide up the self and the family which is important to keep things going as well as enhancing it further for the betterment of lives not only of the family in itself but also the surrounding within the community in which it may serve as the beacon of hope that gleams clearly to stand up and face our problems.

At present, plans are still about to be laid out in the midst of the problems that one day, all of this will be solved in one, fell swoop. But for now, the family must hold on to the lowest portion of life that is temporarily experienced that it will drive its members to the bright future where it want to achieve the highest of attainments. That is, in lay man's term, "It will make our dreams come true."


Hopeful circumstances pertains to mere projections based on the past and the present wherein that if everything goes according to what it was to be, it will affect the outcome in the future. That is, if everything goes out in the favor of such person which is deemed blessed n the first place.

In such a case. the person of today will be stronger to face everything in the near future. Using everything that is based on experience, all of those encounters will be as good as eating pie. In other words, solutions are all based on first-hand experience which is already proven to be the best teacher out there in the field that no one could ever surpassed it, even the best of instructors cannot even beat it.

As for collective knowledge, all of the things that needs to be reminisced in the glorious past must be carried on to the future not as the way it is, but to serve as the ultimate guide for greatness. That involve culture, norms and moral values. Not to mention also the series of mistakes that already been committed over the first period of one's existence in this world.

Despite the arguments and direct assault, one must stand up to what is indeed right and just all in accordance to the basic moral values and ethics that consist of this modernized society we lived in today wherein it was all subject to rules, regulations and other guidelines all under the rule of law. All of which is to protect the self and to empower the rights not only to the self but also of those of the family.

And most of all is that, stay strong as this family keeps on moving with life and the virtues and/or gifts of it, for it make the bond strengthened altogether and as well getting guided along the way wherein the Almighty God guides along the way and each family member serves the right, role, duties and responsibilities one must live on, all to improve life and as well to make the moments count and as well memorable within one's lifetime.


With the storm comes the rainbow in the end. All of these things are mere challenges or test whether we are strong enough to face the odds or not. All of which is to improve our inner self and as well as those of our closest loved ones in the times of distress like in this article. All of which do give hope which is the intention of this very article to keep each person smiling despite the harshest of realities there is in life. We may cry or weep in, but one thing is very clear. That is, to stand up, be strong, and face the challenge. For in the end, all of it will be worth it. God Bless you all.


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