Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Streaks of Positivity

[Reflection] Optimism, positivity, hope. These were the words that makes a person ascertain that the chance is still there and the success are just a step away...

Gleaming Hope
There is no right time than today...
The self never gets back down, certain of the outcome. Thinking for the best and seize the moment that everything will be just get along. Doing the part just to ensure that the agony will not prolong. Ensuring the happiness will be there freely and as well the stability are for there so long...

Contingencies are set, but just there in case anything bad happens. But in one's mind the worst must not be happen so as the contingencies must not be materialized. For backups are just there for emergencies, and hopes hard that such bad things will never happen all for the sake of continuous aspiration of the dreams it is to come.

Clear minds are indeed clear that the light do enter the mind. With that comes the hope blazing with all-ever-glory the self humbly get from it. Never to be bragged, it was for the sake of the future, the financial stability, the assurance that everything is alright, and the attainability of the dreams. Every parent do invest for that.

Good things are indeed worth investing, that the future is indeed secured for the next generation to come. Albeit challenging, optimistic views are there to seize the moment, and make it perfect. Moments getting better, and the hearts getting faster for the intensity of excitement the feelings of a person maybe once it was achieved.

The self always waits for the good news, and there he really was. One is not satisfied of 50% nor 70% nor 90% of assurance on the self it is, for the self is very thirsty that he needs the full, 100% of it just to have the aching heart feel better, all for the sake of the future, the career path, and the support of the loved ones. All were done humbly...

Positivity comes with prayers, and all of sorts it is to be done for the prayers will be answered. Blessings, happiness, enlightenment. All for the sake of the common good wherein one will not be hurt of all the bad feelings wherein it is done best just to avoid it, even at the most crucial of moments, just ignoring not so important ones...

Positivity keeps depression at bay, and hopes are as clear as the open sky without clouds and as blue as it can be that the birds do roam around freely without a doubt. And the sun was shining unto those flying birds flying with pride that everything done in a bird's nest is worth the comfort. And that means always aim higher to achieve the skies...

One is an eagle born in a nest of a chicken, and was grown up as a chicken. However, that eagle is still an eagle and not the chicken. Hoping something what the chickens don't dream of is somewhat good for the self, as for the others to see that the same eagle will be there, up in the sky, soar higher.

But what about those eagle whose wings are impaired or not full of energy? Are they worthy to fly? Will they just stare and envy to those who left the nest first-hand? How about those with scratches and the wings worth to fly, will they fly as well? Or somehow, let them fly by their mother who is in the nest? Let there be trust, they say.

It is not the end, for it is the beginning. Somehow, the mother must give full trust to those with scratches that they can fly. Somehow, it was just the scratch. Knee-jerk feelings of the mother are ascertain that considerations as per making to achieve the dreams of the little one. Give motivation, not desperation.

^This is not yet the end paragraph, there were three to go. And the fourteen which posted here are serve as guides to the hopeful; somehow that everything will be alright, that there will be no heartaches, and no paranoia that the self do worry a lot about the uncertain things in which it was harmful to the health.

It is the right time to believe that the self, the others, or I say, we, can do it! No matter how the challenges thrown upon us, nor the negative possibilities are there, let it be said that "Never give up, nor give in. Be positive until it is achieved." Everything will be alright, even little things. Somehow Bob Marley did make a song for it.

Defeatist attitudes are, if possible, must be avoided. Be stronger in everything that may encounter. Morale-boosting people are always thereto keep the aura favorable. That must be thankful, then. Push it further to the limit, think out of the box and seize the moment they say. As if it was done by good opportunists who do it for the better.

At the end, everything is indeed OK. Don't sleep for the dreams. Work for it, and hope for the best. Fear the worst, but don't let it go bad that is worrisome. Young blooded faces the risky things, and it should be it. The beginning of a better life simply lies ahead. Time to spread the wings and fly. Hope for the best, and do it even better...

Aim High, and Hit the Mark!


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