Monday, March 14, 2016

Hanging in Balance

Determining one's fate is a mystery, as it is debatable all across groups of people whether it may be by nature fatalistic or contingent. Somewhat the destiny is always questionable.

By a little thread, we hold on.
Positives and Negatives.
Hanging in balance, they say. It is a 50-50 chance of black and white. A blurry possibility hangs in a gray portion of a man's confused mind. Somewhat the ideas are conflicting one after the other, as if who is to trust, to agree, to believe. It hangs in a question gone unanswered, and somewhat the life needs to go on...

Move on, they say. Where in fact the moments facing on stays right there. It is easier said than done, and all of the moments, both good and bad, still stick to one's cerebrum until the ends of time. It will serve as memorable goodness and badness that is a lesson worth remembering. Somewhat a guidebook to follow.

Hopes are just there, but the possibility that it will never happen is all around it. Somewhat prayers and positive mind is the one who keeps it alive. One does not need harsh facts nor slap-in-the-face truths. One is conformed for the possibilities that everything will be done good and the plans will go on as well.

Mysteries will unfold one at the time, until it is clear that one prevails the other, and such will cut off the balance and to make things clear, chances are growing slimmer or greater as the given time goes by. It is understandable to some extent that the importance in life really do change from one over the other, and more confusion really put one's dream in the balance.

By chance, seeing things in its way upon establishing facts as to see beyond ordinary is to seek the signs that will foretell the future of the self. Somehow, one is paranoid enough for that to see, citing that the uniqueness of one's life really did say about it after all. Pathways are of different direction, and of different nature.

There were no permanent friends nor permanent enemies. Just permanent interest. The balance pertaining here are like the ideologies of the red and the blue, the free and the enslaved, the good and the bad. It was the status quo of the orderly status of the modern day society, and it will change anytime.

One who connotes or denotes things. It is the way a person who is cautious for talk, and the pertaining diplomacy hangs in the balance, showing the sheer audacity of one's attitude, which is subject to change. Gone unpredictable, that serves well as a mystery waiting to unravel. Everybody expects the positive, and that includes me.


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