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Graduation Feels

Former students that has just recently completed a four-year-course, five years or what it really was, is the sign that one chapter closes and another opens.

As per collegiate mindset: What is next?


Celebrating the greatest achievement in life.
Marching through the alleys of a covered court, these students have achieved the four years of suffering, sacrifices, success and failures, and all of those meaningful moments in life that is somewhat changes the viewpoint of the person in the world. Somehow, the knowledge that is obtained throughout this period is enough to face what the real world has shown to them. The feelings do range from extreme happiness, citing that an achievement takes place and the years of effort is indeed worth it, to worrying about the future it may bring to those who considered "officially unemployed."

Time span: 10 days

This is the period wherein a person faces doubt on what are the final results may bring to those grades that may engraved to the transcripts to the near future. It was crucial since this was the period wherein it will determine the status of each and every graduating students whether they were allow to march or not. So, this 10 days is indeed the period of mere uncertainties and possibilities in which the paradoxes or say, the odds do determine the fate of those candidates.

Deliberations, posting, and more adjustments, this was done during the period. Experience-based, a final-list (partial) was posted in a board and was determine who will march or not. If the name was not mentioned, it was then forwarded to the concerned party that was asked and then questioned where the problem is. As per situation, it was then discovered either, that a thesis paper was not yet predetermined, or the grades was not reached the required quota, or variations but still considers as such. As per thesis, it was then put into meticulous evaluation and was then revised or approved as per credibility of its contents is concerned. In the grades, meanwhile, are subject to adjustments or otherwise, non-adjustment as per teacher's proposal. Citing the need of removals, one needs to take it and just either pray and hoping for the best. The same night that was taken place, a result usually posted and follow-ups do often take place. In this case, it was stated that adjustments were needed. And it was usually take four or five days to do such. After that, it was reconfirmed and some adjustments were made for the composition of names. And the final of finals list is posted. It was then confirmed, and a person who is in the names are allowed to march or to attend the practice prior to the event.

In this, the feelings are indeed intense as per the determinants are concerned. And that tense will often end up as either happiness or sadness. For those who are confirmed, this was something that is worth proud of, citing the fact that they will seize the moment and was then confirmed that they did it. However, for those who are not as lucky as those aforementioned, they are subject to retake those problematic subject matters and thus, incurring amounts of tuition money that in a lesser-financially capable family, is one of a big problem to face. Overall, it all comes with the grading, hopefulness and action.

Time period: 6-7 hours
It was then official!
This was the moment each of the candidates is indeed waiting for. An event that is worth celebrating with full joy and overwhelming happiness at the same time tears that would come up as would mean separating lives with friends, professors and the institution that gives that wonderful 4 years or more of unforgettable moments in life, both good and bad.

It was all started with a ceremonial prayer per religion. As per Catholics, there is a baccalaureate mass. And with that ceremony comes inspirational speeches coming from the priest in which it will bear among the candidates along the way to their professional lives, setting fire through the hallways of their workplaces and make it colorful in accordance to the principle which centers on God. With that comes the promised ideology that helping others is a necessity wherein a genuine professional with a heart do share blessings to those who really need it and not just simply beggars on the street begging on things without a heart. Also, the prayers, ceremonial gestures and such were there to symbolize the significance of the ceremonial junctures throughout the mass. 

After blessings, there is some 30-minute breaks and then more symbolic ceremonies will take place, starting with pinning or imposition of 'hoods' in both sides of the shoulders and some photo ops made by the candidates' parents before proceeding. Then they were asked to form lines in an open field for some processional marching. The marching take place as the candidates march throughout the campus whereabouts before looking at their seats inside the covered court. It will be followed immediately by an invocation where the prayers will be done between the religions in the graduating batch (Ex: Catholics and Islam). After that, there will be entrance of the colors that it will be done by several cadets of the school immediately followed by the National Anthem singing. (As per basis, the Philippine National Anthem.) Then the Academic Vice President will present the Valedictorian and Salutatorian to the public, the College/University President and to the others who were there. Followed by the wholeheartedly welcome address that will be done by a salutatorian, in which he or she will have an opportunity to speak some inspirational message, quotes, some heart-warming thank yous to the friends and faculty after the long years of effort, all among others. After that motivational gesture and welcoming by the salutatorian, it will all follow by the presentation of the candidates of graduation of the graduate school and other colleges in which it was conferred by the president himself. With that it was declared and be made official that they are now 'graduates' of that ascertain institution. After the  presentation and conferment, a guest speaker will be introduced, and he will be sent to front and have a motivational speech that give the graduates some 'confidence' in dealing the realities of life waiting out there. Somewhat it deals with the stress everyday realities in life it may bring, and how to cope with it are in the words of the motivational guest speaker for all of the sake that everything the graduates will be fine to them. After the commencement address, it will proceeded by the awarding of diplomas and academic honors per colleges, graduate schools, cum laudes, magna cum laudes, the salutatorian and the valedictorian. Not to mention also the Loyalty awardees that also deserves an award. Some of which have proficient in different fields that is also worthy to be called an awardee. All of these are worth breathtaking, and the achievements is enough for the people to be proud of. Ambitions aside, those awards do received by the ones who really deserved it and as well the ones who simply work it out without expecting something in return. Plans ahead, and all of these won't really matter in the real world. 

Throughout the awarding, it was then separated into two halves per time period where in the middle the time was used for musical interludes made by a concert band which renders some classical music that soothes the ears of the crowd who attended the event. After that, it was the valedictorian's turn to do the valedictory address. With that comes overwhelming emotions and as well just like the salutatorian, he or she say a lot of thanks to all of the classmates, friends, and the faculty that gives some wonderful experience to that long time periods of the college life. With that also come the warmest of thanks to the parents or somehow, by context, to dedicate it for them despite not to attend the said event, or one or both passed away or simply there watching him or her doing that speech. The thing is, this is indeed an endeavor worth celebrated for and is in fact as festive as it is really meant to be. After the emotional valedictory address comes the alumni pledge which is at the same time the induction to an alumni association. That serves as a gesture that these graduates really are graduates and considered as former students of thy beloved institution. And it was in their oath to live up the spirit the school giving up for them all for professionalism, love, justice, and to be the men, and women for others. After that, a token is presented to the guest speaker for appreciation and as well for participation throughout the event. Thereafter, the event comes to a close with a messge from the administrator/president of an institution and the recessional wherein the graduates will sing both alumni and school hymns, throwing their graduation hats sky high, jumping with joy, sharing tokens and of course, more photo-ops and selfies that put a mark of the most remarkable event of our lives. As per saying, such events are indeed significant that most will cherish it, take a shot of a camera, hide those tokens and will carry on for the rest of our lives. Not to mention also that the yearbooks also have a footprint in such aforementioned celebrations.

The emotions in this event are overwhelmed with joy, happiness and considered as one of the most memorable events in life that will be carried on until the end. The festive atmosphere of the event can attest to this, with the guest, particularly the parents who are there, are indeed happy for the years in long-term investment which incurs lots of money in fees are indeed worth it. As per official statements, the graduates are now considered as 'unemployed' and it was their turn to face the harshest of reality has ever seen through the uncertainties in job hunting.

Time period: From that day onward.

This is the period full of possibilities, uncertainties, opportunities, threats and other forms of challenges in life that is continuously baffle a person as he or she lived in this world. In this part of life, a new chapter was opened, and the transition may be as difficult as it may be, citing that there will be new worlds in a new dimension will be opened, the knowledge throughout the college life will be obtained, and the workplace will be determined by skillfulness of the new-entrant employee.

In this period, the requirements, agendas, clearances and more will be first settled before anything else. That means getting the transcripts, clearing some uncleared obligations, settling the accounts, and compiling documents. It was also in this period that a follow-up celebrations are to be made. This time with the ones closest to the graduate. It will be celebrated in wholeness, a reward for the person who just succeed in closing one chapter of life, in flying colors. In this period also that the path will be determined as for proceeding another course, or getting a board or liscensure examinations, or eligibility acquisitions that may serve as qualifying documents that is deemed helpful in the workplace. In this period, the path was determined by the person in himself as to what direction his life it may bring, and the opportunities are setting in light ahead wherein it may serve as a guide, a new goal that needs to be achieved in a feasible time period, and dreams, in no time, will be achieved thanks to years of efforts, sweat and sacrifices that is deemed made.

The feelings were mixed in this period. Like the thing before the ceremony, the life in itself will be uncertain, as for the hands of such person will be determine what kind of life he or she enters that in the lifetime, one affects everything. Furthermore, one is deemed focus on the happiness of the workplace environment with the  evaluation of the employee benefits and the salary which determines the financial stability of the family. As per others, career paths are just to be built yet, for their lifeline relies on such a dream.


The celebrations are just a one-time event. Both the before and after events are deemed full of hopes and uncertainties. And it is part of being human to feel such things. What matter is that, one chapter of life is at its closing, with it the success and failures of the collegiate life that will carry on to the memories of a newly-graduated person that by nature, will serve as an experience that may apply in the workplace alongside acquired knowledge that taken place throughout that time period. Furthermore, such celebrations are worth it, for the level reached in life had taken a step forward to the dreams of the person. There will be more challenges to come, and it's up to each and everyone as to how to deal with them. What matters is, the eagle has already left its nest and will eventually set the world ablaze for the betterment of humanity.


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