Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Self and the Virtue Ethics

It is a mere evaluation of the self based on certain categories. And it is helpful to mold the self further.


The four (4) cardinal ethics as a result
from faith, hope, and charity (love)

            Virtue Ethics by nature reflects the way a person acts. Thus, it reflects one’s character. Furthermore, this are embedded by series of moral values in a sense that this determine one’s personality which is naturally obtained or acquired in a sense that it gives life unto others in a way that by nature and as well in the social norms it is indeed good and acceptable. However, there comes a time that our very being is being questioned as how virtuous we are and as well doing so in everyday situations in life.


One will ask: Who am I? How virtuous am I in my everyday life? Out of many virtuous, how many do I practice religiously each and every single day? Such questions are indeed difficult to answer that one needs days or weeks to reflect. In my case, however, I slowly but surely discover all of my strengths and weaknesses I obtain throughout my life from birth until this very moment. And all of that do take place as I lived on with my life. From all of that meditation, it is realizable that there are surmountable amounts of strengths that must be kept up and as well numerous weaknesses that needs to be strengthened. My strengths will include being friendly with others, being opportunistic and as well optimistic in each and every way, brave to face uncertain things and is somewhat known to think alternatives upon failure of the first plan. With these strengths, it is certain that most things can be easily done with motivation. Speaking of virtues that give me strength, aside from faith, hope and love, there is also respect, fortitude and prudence. These virtues are the one who defines me. Having faith, hope and love is me being a Catholic Christian. Having respect means me giving respect to those who deserve it. Fortitude gives me a sense of bravery to face the inevitable. And most of all, being prudent is virtue that deals in every tough decision in life. With that comes the weak part. It was known that somewhat I gone out of interest in things sometimes, giving the impression of being incompetent in the sense that it decrease credibility. Also, there are times that temperance is not observable in a sense that the self goes out of control. But somewhat there is still control in highly tense situations that primarily involves emotion. 


Every person dreams sometime, and comes up with this question: What kind of person do I want to become? It is somewhat ambitious at a first glance, but as scrutinized deeply, it gives the impression that it serves as a guide in which a person has to follow that certain path based on the plans that have laid there so that such individual will reach the location he or she desires. In my case, I want to improve the sense of excellence within self, practicing the virtue of temperance and as well further improve the other virtues that have mentioned earlier in this paper. Improving excellence is the first thing, as if it is my lifeline since my beloved parents introduced it to me. With such comes motivating the self to know more, increasing the standards and as well learn the lessons life has to give in a sense that it will carry on for the rest of my life. From that comes the sense that wisdom, out of collective knowledge and proper education and as well experience, will be further enhanced and thus, that will make me more of a man as a value rather than man as an honor, although honor is the thing that also can achieved. Second thing is that to improve my weakness which is temperance. It has been improved for the last few years but still enhanced until know. This comes with self-discipline and self-regulation unto the desires of the person. With that comes the independence of interest and gives the essence of doing productive things that may seems as a benefit for the self as well of the others. Thus, it gives excellent results. Finally, improving and enhancing the other virtues is also a thing to keep things in line with the so-called evolving world with the evolving workplace. With that goes the flow of the life and as well the change in social norms in a sense that it is still healthy and ethical as far as Christian Morality is concerned.


Achieving this goal come the series of plans, and that’s the time prudence comes in. In this case however, comes with an additive which is excellence. This combination comes with outstanding result which is to overcome this goal in a way that collective wisdom is used in a logical way which is within context and is by nature realistic is indeed a certainty wherein every decisions in life comes with an in-depth analysis also with the guidance from God in a certain way that such plans do serve as a direction that needs to be follow. Furthermore, achieving these three goals comes with determination, self-constrained, time management, setting priorities in accordance to urgency, and some other necessities. With this, the goals will be achievable within an ample amount of time and as well improves personalities like mine and thus, making ourselves a better person.


            Overall, applying Virtue Ethics and practicing it religiously are indeed helpful in molding the inner self to become the betterment of others as well as the self in a sense that everybody benefits and as well joyful that every person has its own roles and such person deserves respect. Furthermore, virtue ethics gives the person what it means to be human in a way that helping others gives worthy on the self. Such is the good benefit of virtue ethics.


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