Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Right or Wrong, How Can I Know - Reflection

It is a reflection based on an article regarding the right or wrong. See the article here and here.

Written by Barbie Velarde and her group

            The goodness and evilness of something seem to be confusing at some point. Distinguishing right from wrong oftentimes becomes a challenging task to every individual. However, choosing to embrace the good rather than favoring the bad makes a person free because they are not controlled by violence and manipulated by the actions of others. These is one point stated in the article which I strongly agree with. Every individual has the free will to choose which path to take. But, it’s quite difficult to maintain the goodness of life since, there are a lot of circumstances or factors which influences our decisions and desire to take on what is right. As an individual and a student at this age, I can readily relate to what the article is trying to pertain, that good people are free people. In my life, as my nature of being human, I may not be a perfect person, however, at some point, I can say that I was able to make / choose on right and even tough decisions which gave me a heart free from worries and doubts and most of all, a clear conscience. For instance specifically, when friends invite me to go and do cutting classes just to go window shopping or wandering around town, or in other cases, going overnight to a classmate’s house just to enjoy friends company and using school works or other school related activities as the reason to parents. These is very rampant during my high school years. But, instead of doing so, I choose not to, since it is the right thing to do even if I know that I was not able to enjoy and experience the fun. As they say, “you missed half of your high school life”. But for me, it doesn’t mean that if almost everybody is doing so, it’s the right thing to do and that, its not always that you should go with the trend of today’s world/generation. We just have to keep our track and know our responsibilities. One thing I just wanted to add on in knowing what is good and not is that maturity is one major factor which helps us decide on the way. Hence, knowing what is good or not paved way for us to become a responsible person and a mature one leading us to the road to freedom.

Despite the reality that man is aware of the goodness and evilness of something , yet, we fail to respond to being consistently achieving to do good. We tend to prefer our selfish and egocentric self in which we get what we want, where we feel satisfied and obtain happiness. Thus, doing what is right is a lifelong responsibility to take and a continuing struggle for one. 

 The article which talks about right or wrong inculcated much insights on our part not only because of its interesting concept but also because being a student and as adolescents, we can readily relate to it. One important concept in which the article emphasized was on achieving freedom in doing what is good. it cited specific justification and even historical/biblical personalities to show that indeed good people are free people. As youth of today’s generation, what we see that is manifested by the majority becomes the basis of what is good to do. Indeed, it is then our responsibility to weigh it out and decide which we will follow. For instance as what one of the members pointed out that, refusing to go with friend and classmates doing cutting classes or lying to parents for the sake of having fun with peers might be a challenging decision since it does require us to turn the other cheek. Refusal to the many peer pressures and influences as an adolescent who usually cope and find belongingness to friends really is a big challenge for many teenagers now a days.

One common notion that we had which the article also talks about is choosing good against evil even if it demands us to “turn the other cheek”. These exemplifies doing good even others does not.one pointed what the bible have said that “throw bread instead of evil” emphasizing that choosing what is right isn’t easy. Yet it makes our conscience clear. The choices is all in our hands , either go and walk with righteousness or be a follower of goodness. Then the question we are all eager to answer is “How do I know if I am doing the right thing?”. Simple, by just seeing and evaluating the fruit of our chosen actions and decisions. For us, we all know the fruit of wrong is evil and the fruit of righteousness will bear goodness. As Galatians 6:9 emphasizes “What man soweth, that man shall reap”. 

The article also talks about forming our conscience wherein one common realization of the group is that anyone who has the choice to decide for the good needs to become concern not only for oneself but also for the welfare of others. Hence, we all do agree with that doing what is good is totally accepting the presence of God and his teaching and living life not just for oneself but totally submitting our life to God’s will.

Living life in goodness is a continuing struggle Thus, we might be given the choice to decide for ourselves. But we are guided by the wisdom given by God and that it is our responsibility to form our conscience in the true light of God’s words.


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