Friday, February 5, 2016

Reflection: Zita

This is a simplified realization and as well ideas from a given phrase based from the story made by Arturo B. Rotor.


“Look Zita, a society girl does not smile so openly, her eyes don’t seek one’s so—that reveals your true feelings.” from Mr. Francisco Reteche of the story “Zita”.
A Short Film of the Story 'Zita'.
Source: YouTube
            In this reflection article, I found it very difficult in finding the right phrase in this task. It’s because it was written in a way that there are less conversations and the most parts of the story are in the descriptive form in which it keep on describing the actions, the place, and the persons alike. Like the previous reflection articles here on The Pitzviews, I read the whole story carefully, understand the main ideas behind it, and most of all, finding the lines that is rather striking or is relatable to modern society. It will be understandable by the readers who read the story. It will also be applied by some to life based on one’s experiences about it.

            I chose this line because, teaching such right posture does not only apply to the girls, it is also applied to the boys as well. It uses a form of language in which it was in a form of figurative, at the same time it is on the descriptive form. It depends on the person whether he or she can interpret it correctly or not. In this case, this line is in part of conversation that Mr. Reteche was teaching Zita how to act like society girl, in which in return, makes Zita more mature. Zita was thought on how to show her true feelings in a way most social girls would probably do.

            It gives me an insight on how a human person acts in a right way that is not annoying to the others to see, that it rather gain respect or not. It may apply to any kind of person, male or female, that the right posture is essential to the modern society. For Instance, in the way the person acts, one must determine what kind of personality that person possess. It also gives a lesson that any advises is for the benefit of the person to improve more of his personality. In that case, it will help any kind of person like you and me, to become more mature in life out of those advises and teaching lessons.

            This line gives us the importance of advises and teachings that can mold a person into a more mature one. It also provides insights that the right posture and the right act are very important to the society nowadays. Finally, all of these things are of benefit among us people and can be use particularly in the most very important events somewhere in the future.

Written Originally as one of Bernraf's Reflection Papers throughout the year 2014

This following Video is the short film based on the story Zita written by Arturo Rotor. 


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