Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reflection: Wedding Dance

A reflective reaction on an highlighted phrase on a story authored by Amador Daguio.


Awiyao and his wife. Source: YouTube

            "Go out--go out and dance. If you really don't hate me for this separation, go out and dance. One of the men will see you dance well; he will like your dancing, he will marry you. Who knows but that, with him, you will be luckier than you were with me."– taken from the story Wedding Dance

            Once again, I make this reflection in a more speedy, yet precise way as I contain time for the other reflection articles. And I made chose the line very carefully. First, I scan the whole paper in search of striking conversational lines. Second, after choosing the line, I must think what it can do for real life. And finally, what lessons can be taken out of these lines.
            I chose this line because it shows that Awiyao was giving the freedom to his wife in such a way that she must dance for other man to lure unto her. It was written in a language that is in command form. It also depicts that Awiyao is not a good husband unto her wife. It was appealing in a way that a man like Awiyao, although married, is giving a privilege to marry another man by dancing. Also, such act is rare among modern society, considering there are many men who will never do such an act to their wives.
            It gives us an insight that a man like Awiyao is actually giving freedom to the woman she loved to find a better husband than him. In this case, as a person, I encountered several friends of mine that has the same thing. Like giving their girlfriends a chance to find another man far more better then themselves. For me, such a move will benefit both sides, inasmuch as the pain that a certain couple have when they are still in a relationship. Another thing is that several of the men do such an act it’s because they want their woman they cherish happier if they are with another person. Doing so will bring relief to the both sides, and there are lesser chances of conflict between the two parties.
            The summary of this reflection paper is that it only gives a simple, yet striking message to those who are in the relationship. If they are broken up, accepting it is the best thing. Considering that a girl is happy with another person, a man must accept the fact, appreciate the happiness to the girl that he loves, and also, to the benefit to all of those who are involved in a relationship.


The video that you watch is a short film of the story "Wedding Dance" by Amador Daguio. It was produced by Alalayan Productions of the University of Santo Tomas 2G - Medical Technology Batch 2016. It was uploaded by user Patrica Isabel Tayag.


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