Saturday, February 6, 2016

Reflection: Midsummer

This a reflection arises from a striking phrase or sentence in a story written during the American Colonial Period in the Philippines. It was the literary work of Manuel E. Arguilla.


“The man in the cart did not notice the woman until she had rounded the spur of land and stood unmoving beside the road, watching the cart and its occupant comes toward her. She was young, surprisingly sweet and fresh amidst her parched surroundings. A gaily stripped kerchief covered her head, the ends tied at the nape of her neck. She wore a homespun bodice of light red cloth with small white checks. Her skirt was also homespun and showed a pattern of white checks with narrow stripes of yellow and red. With both hands she held by the mouth a large, apparently empty, water jug, the cool red of which blended well with her dress. She was barefoot.” taken from the story Midsummer.
A short film for the story 'Midsummer' of Manuel Arguilla
Source: YouTube
            This story, upon making this reflection, I was finding myself having difficulty in having the exact, yet right phrase or lines in which it was more appropriate in the story. Like those previous reflection papers that we’ve made, in order to find this word, first, one must read then understand the story very carefully. Second, find those conversation lines that is either more striking or that is appropriate to the point. Third, think of possible insights that may come from these lines. And finally, integrate these ideas in a form of reflection paper.
            I chose this line because it depicts what people will probably notice in a hot, sizzling road in a one summer day. It uses highly descriptive form that one can ever imagine or even picture it out upon reading of this story. It’s about a man who notices this one, hot, sexy, yet beautiful Filipina while this man is taking his lunch under the shade of the tree beside the lake. Such presence makes the man uneasy, but will never change his friendly attitude toward the girl. This causes the man to have conversation with the girl, causing the accident in the man’s lunch.
            This gives me an insight of what a man’s appeal when he sees such a woman with that gorgeous beauty around her. Such appearance of the girl will surely be noticeable by the man whatever he is doing. For example, when a boy sees a very nice girl walking in the downtown area, the boy will impress on the girl’s beauty and will imagine or even planning how to approach that girl at the same time, planning how to know her personally. Such sex appeal made by the girl can make a boy’s mind out of the blue, whereas the girl can attract many boys that have the possibility of courting her. And also, meeting a nice, beautiful woman is already a large, yet very memorable experience for the man.

            Overall, this line gives us the imagination more than ordinary. It’s all about the sexual tension between man and woman in the story. It also make the story more appealing inasmuch as appearance, setting, and the plot.

Written Originally as one of Bernraf's Reflection Papers throughout the year 2014


The following videos given are all short films of the story 'Midsummer' by Manuel Arguilla.


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