Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Uniqueness of a Human Person

There are time in our lives that we can encounter people with traits that are unique right before our eyes. In fact, all of us were unique in our own way!

This is a reflections blog on the book entitled "The Mysterious Human Self" By Fr. Michael Moga, SJ.


"It can happen in our lives that we can with a sense of the uniqueness of various people in our lives. They are not merely people that we need or use, they are not just people who function with us in a corporate activity; they are people who live individual, unique lives." 

-page 21, The Uniqueness of Others (Chapter 2: Human Uniqueness)

Reading through the lines of this portion of the book, it is as certain that this line, particularly its meaning, has its striking shock right across my mind, my heart, and my soul. How could I say so? Upon reading the statement as shown here italicized, it describes how each individual lives is so important that each people have their own combination and distinct traits, attitude, lifestyle, name it! It gives importance that each human person have his own distinctive feature wherein it makes know that such person really is him with himself with his own personality that make up his 'self'. I, and perhaps, most of us encounter with other people, say, your friends, my friends, our relatives, family members, others, there is a sense that a person is its own being. In other words, having a nice, excellent, pretty good experience with other people will be considered as unique in its very own good that others will never get experienced to.

As have I read across, it is stated that people we encounter in our lives aside from the ones who were close to us are somewhat that kind of uniqueness is indeed rare. And I agree on that. Why? Imagine we encounter people like, a cashier on the cash register when I or we go shopping, or the bus driver that rode me to the city proper and back, or a pharmacist when I buy medicine for my sick relatives, and so on. Considering such encounter, one will say that a person in that situation will never consider that as unique or something worth remembering, implying its commonality that it takes place in our lives as if it is not that significant unlike those encounter with relatives and friends in a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. In fact, such encounter with those who are 'useful to us' like doctors, simply have a mandate wherein they treat our sickness in exchange of money, and there is no significant thing on that. 

Overall, all of us have our own uniqueness, and such uniqueness is worth commendable by our friends, relatives and others who know us. Being unique coincides with the self, and that uniqueness makes us who we are. It tells people that us is indeed 'us'.  Having encounter with those who are close to us are also unique that is somewhat we cannot felt easily on others who were not even know us. Simply speaking, it simply gives us the message that each of us is unique, and is worth appreciating. We ourselves found that uniqueness in our surroundings, and as well in different dimensions. As what the book stated, when we share these personal worlds of another person, we share his/her uniqueness.


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