Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Marines - Real Warriors by Blood

What really are the Marines? How do they behave? How do they stand out against other forces? It's time for you to know more about them.


U.S. Marine Recon. Source:

Here is the Wikipedish definition of the word 'Marines.'

Marines, also known as a marine corps and naval infantry, are an infantry force that specializes in the support of naval and army operations on land and at sea, as well as the execution of their own operations. In the majority of countries, the marine force is part of the navy, but it can also be under the army like the Troupes de marine (French Marines) and Givati Brigade (Israeli Marines), or form an independent armed service branch like the United States Marine Corps and Royal Marines.

In this definition, there is still lacking on defining what the Marines are. That is, they never complain...


Marines do not complain even if left without reinforcement in the midst of combat. As true warriors,they improvise and fend for themselves as long as they are able to fight,using all that they know about war-fighting tactics and techniques. These include breaking out from enemy encirclement to fight again on another day. They may grumble afterwards but are ready to leave behind the past and to just consider it as lessons learned from which,they know,new doctrines will evolve.

Neither do the families of Marines killed in action complain. They mourn without fanfare knowing that their dead loved one's colleagues will take care of them afterwards,including helping them get what is due them as legal beneficiaries. They do not ask for more beyond what is prescribed by law. They do not cry for justice either,judicial justice if you may call it,for they know that by choice their beloved Marines can get killed in line of duty anytime. They are consoled by the fact knowing that other Marines will certainly go after the enemy,hunt them in their lairs,and destroy them and their will to fight. To them,this serves the ends of justice.

Marines live by a warriors' code. Under this code,each Marine is judged by how he lives his life and how he behaves in the face of his enemy. In this vein,it matters how he pulls through the clutches of hell and how he falls in the crucible of combat. He knows it must always be with honor. Yes,he knows that surviving or dying in combat without honor is a disgrace not only to himself and the Marine Corps but to his family as well. All families of Marines know this damn well. That is why they do not complain if their Marines get killed in action.


This photo says it all. Reference: Battlefield 3 Trailer
This warriors are the ones who are indeed brave and the ones who give sacrifice of their lives for the Sovereignty of the nation as well as it is a form to serve the duties of thy fellow constituents and as well as following the mandate as prescribed by the constitution. Not only just that. Their families as well are brave enough to accept the faith of this men, whatever it is to be. Overall, this give us the context of a much humanistic in nature that one is willing to do or to sacrifice everything so only that the others may live and sleep comfortably with the peace ensured.

With Notes from Wikipedia and Rogelio Roa Neri


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