Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lopsided Diplomacy and Imperialism in Sheep's Clothing

In today's game of international diplomacy and the series of rhetorical tit-for-tat between rival powers, an insight of the so-called false sense diplomacy will be thoroughly explained as well as the viewpoints for geopolitical power projection.


International Policy is like a game of RISK.
Diplomacy......diplomacy at its best. That's exactly what Lord Chamberlain told the British people after having diplomatic talks with Germany....despite Germany's blitzkrieg into Rhineland, he said "I believe it's peace in our time". Soon after that, Germany annexed Poland. A year later, London was being bombed; the British were fighting for their lives not until US help turned the tide of WW2....the bloodiest of all wars.

Japan had a burgeoning population before WW2; with an urgent hunger to have tons of raw materials and food needed to feed its population and fast growing industry.....they jumped thru Manchuria... Eastern parts of China...Indochina....and even crossed the seas to come to the shores of the Pacific.....Philippines, Indonesia, and some parts of polynesia, all under the guise of a greater Asia co-prosperity sphere...our forefathers, my family, they all felt what it was like to live under their boot. 

They believe at first that peace eventually follow, but do not. Stalin believed that Nazi Germany will not invade Russia due to the duly signed Non-Aggression pact. But what happened? Many people from both sides lost. The Americans have this 'peace talks' with the Japanese. But what happened? They were caught by surprise when the Imperial Navy of Japan launched an attack on Pearl Harbor which the then President Roosevelt say 'the day which we lived in infamy.'


China has a strangle hold on Tibet; has fought proxy wars using even Korea during the Korean war. Even Vietnam fought for has always been pouncing on every opportunity to amass more wealth.....remember it has to feed a billion people. So you think diplomacy will work....that if we just trade and make money both ways they will leave us alone????? They build runways and fortifications 100 nautical miles or so from us.....and we still think it is a harmless panda. The height of stupidity; they will not leave us alone. The Chinese will come, just as the Japanese did. 

Russia is fortifying and refurbishing its pacific bases to have a forward line versus China; Japan likewise is changing its military dictum from pure SDF to an offensive force. The US of course will fight if it is in its interest; we are their forward line, so we are in their interest. 

PLA Troopers. Source:
But it doesn't matter....the meager resources we have, we make do. Whatever, help, aid given by US, Korea, Japan etc.....we graciously accept. It's about time we learn to love our country, like our family. 

So every night, lock your doors, turn off all lights, unleash all your dogs, make sure that thing in your nightstand is locked and loaded ( please take time to learn how to use it, as well as your whole family ). And.....

Don't forget to PRAY. pray for our leaders that all their mistakes turn out for the common good; pray for the US, Japan, even China.....that their interests turn out to be also our interests.

With Notes from George Pau


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