Friday, January 1, 2016

Hopes and Wishes for Year 2016

Many people tend to have many New Year's Resolutions and wishes that is perceived as goals that must be done within the year. Most of it goes to waste, with some end up as indeed a dedication worth commending after all.

This is more of a wish and a guide for a reader to follow. It's not a form of prophecy nor wizardry, it is more of a user manual for what it is to come for the year 2016.


New Year, like any other new years before, obtains the same overused and overkill-kind of commonality that a typical person wants, and that is changing the self for the better. However, and as well frankly speaking, this kind of promise come up as a form of lip service than a wholeheartedly dedication to simply do it in behalf of the self so that goals can be achieved. It may come up as the result of preoccupied thoughts on many problems that plague a typical individual in the everyday life ranging from a work requirement to a submitting a project right on the deadline. Speaking of wishes, it is good to be true that a person typically wants more of this 'change' and 'good luck' that goes along the way without being aware that one's efforts is indeed necessary in order to achieve an objective per annum.

The following are guides as to the hopes and wishes that a person like you and me should aim considering such people do starve of success.


So it is good to be competent

This is the first of the aims of an individual should do for the start of this year. Competency by mere context speaks of a person who is capable to do complex tasks and as well being efficient in doing so in a way that it appeases anyone with the mere significance that such person really contributes a lot for such a manner.

A competent person for a year focus on this thing: camaraderie. This is more of a voluntary venture that sticks on the interest of the self as well as the others that might perceived as the good thing to do considering the nature of it as the thing that will benefit all. Simply speaking, this will give a good impact on a specific civic organization or a group of friends that by the end of the day, a competent person is indeed worth commendable in the way out of the efforts that requires sacrifice, precious time, dedication, and most of all, love.

It is more than just a wish for a person to be competent especially in this competitive world. Such trait gives an edge over others as well as it will ensure job orders, appeasing superiors, winning friends and colleagues as well as gaining self-confidence over others. Therefore, a competent year is indeed worth it.


Successful people are starve of excellence
Excellence is something a successful person tries to look for. It is a form of a talent that is beyond organizational norms or say, stipulated standards that will definitely give people, whether they are your superiors, friends, relatives, or your parents, a two thumbs up. It gives person a form of confidence of sorts.

An excellent person for a year is indeed a wise person. Looking for alternatives, seeking for initiatives, shares talent among people involved, and voila! That spells success on the aims of those people who definitely get the point and will benefit from time to time. Success can easily achieved by a talented person who is capable to do excellent endeavors which is far beyond the expectation of a group. It makes people go wow in a way that this  same people witness the excellent person's highly exceptional skills definitely gone in amazement along the way wherein they will definitely wanted it all along and is certainly wanted to have it happen again. That is a lot of commendation in the name of excellence, though.

This is definitely an inspirational drive worth aiming for this year. A person obtaining excellence will gain trust from any people and thus, gaining credibility that will make those sacrifices and efforts paid off. That is one good trade-off as to say and a year of excellence is worth a game-changer.


The difference of success and failure.
Discipline talks about controlling self-urge, particularly being a resistant of any kind of temptation and as well as a grand gesture to simply focus on the year goals and a trait that gets task getting done accordingly.

Parents do put discipline, values, morals, ethics and other necessities on their children. And it is the mere fact that discipline for other fields can easily be done, self-discipline is somewhat more of things being said than done. One spectacular example is doing a pull-up exercise for abs to form for men, or a sexy refit for women in a form of yoga or a diet program. Depending upon circumstances, it is tempting to eat chocolates or other delicious foods which definitely ruin the plans for a healthier lifestyle. With self-discipline, all of this goals will be accomplished earlier on time with full satisfaction for that person. 

The principle in discipline is that it motivates the person to do the things necessary and preferred to just stick with the plan without any distractions at all. Learn to do self-discipline and goals will be accomplished earlier on time.


Real friends never let each other down
Source: James McPherson's Wordpress site.
Being friendly to others especially to those who are already friends one after the other will definitely strengthen the bond of friendship that will lasted more years to come. Have fun time with them is somewhat that memorable as well.

No man is an island. Humans are social beings. We tend to have social contact with others and it is definitely a good sign for this year. It is a good thing that a person is socially wealthy considering that aside from having fun with this inner circle of friends giving color to one's life, it is somewhat helpful that someone at times of trouble, a friend will go through and help up solving problems. Real friends never let each other time. It is as proudly that friends are happy and as well supportive to each of their achievements in life as it goes along the way, and as well give the mere understanding to the mere fact that it is soul-soothing that a friend in need is a friend in deed.

Simply speaking, this year like any other years before it will never be complete without friends. Either it may be friends that are former classmates, friends at work, friends at community, or friends at liquor store, they really define the life of what it is to be a human person. 


Never be afraid to face challenges and grab
the opportunities along the way.

Being optimistic is the spirit that arises in every beginning of the year. It is the usual thing, and as well as the mentality that will never be broken out of this brave souls who wanted challenges everyday. It is a 'never give up' scenario.

With optimism, confidence comes along the way, and doubts will be downplayed and treated as 'lessons worth learning.' It is also a mere fact that the best of scientist like Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla, prove their hypothesis that electricity can light or run the world. And with that comes spectacular failures of 'trial and error' analogy that is the series of failed tests upon the experiments. And they don't give up. They were optimistic that such experiments will be successful, and they did it. So much for optimistic attitude, conquering fears and doubts are the name of the game.

A year with optimistic attitude is indeed a year with 366-day opportunities (2016 is a leap year) in which the table is wide open to simply grab it and serves as the life changer to each person who understands the concept.


All of these guides aforementioned can help a person to achieve success in a year, which also includes endurance, dedication, and of course, prayers from God. Plans will remain plans unless one will act on it and make a legacy out of it. It is a worthy thing as well as a noble thing to obtain all of this traits necessary for this year. This ain't no typical new year's resolution, although such resolution can be achieved through the means aforementioned. Having a personality with all of these traits are indeed a good recipe for success. With that, let us rephrase the quote by Socrates himself, which it was the main core of any philosophical course: "An unexamined life is not worth living."


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