Friday, January 15, 2016

Getting Older in a Birthday and in Everyday

By mere logic, getting older means a person isn't young anymore. And speaking of 'being young' that means the youthfulness, the thing that gives the person benefits from babies to adolescence, will be gone with the more wiser, independent self takes over.


Now, observe this: Back in 1995, I was just then a baby. Innocent, curious, fully dependent. Relying on parents is just a bit of comfort. Milking, sleeping, and milking again. And it seems it was not a problem after all. If there was, it is not complicated.

Greeting "Happy Birthday" in Russian. It was like
Yesterday. 14th of January (января) 2016

It was now different than what it was 21 years ago. And honestly, it was very different. With all of this technological triumph, some relatives gone, endeavors, challenges, and so on, it is a consideration that with this things, many problems arises, and series of complications are going along the way. This were not 'baby things.' This was now beyond the mere experiences that this years offer to a person. And it is not surprising that status quo changes overtime, as if it was like a typical clothing out of a person that was meant to be change everyday.

Speaking of getting older, one would wonder the nature if the mindset is as well going with flow in it. It was discussed across down in this blog site about the mentality on maturity. If that was the case, if all requires experiences of sorts, from good to bad just to get one. And that goes naturally, and the suffering goes worse on a person than it was on the other. Going further, there was this assumption that old people becomes challenged with their memory especially those with Alzheimer, but that was just a mere generalization. Some were wiser over the other. And it is already a good thing consider that all of those lessons and as well culture, can be passed one generation after the other. And that's what we call "passing a tradition".

Lessons are meant to be learned as the life still sparks by. And it is still a mere fact that one judges a person through their looks just like the perception of the wrinkly old and the soothe, young-looking beauties. And speaking of feminine-acting gents who have masculinity by heart, stop acting like gays. It will never help. Act like a man. Never let others deceive one's personality by the looks. Make them hands masculine, actions masculine, and power projection determines the person that is an obvious one in an experienced age. Such is the way of how a person learn while growing older, as this world gone weirder as it seems to gone by, and witnessing such acts as a person gone older is deceiving by the seams. And all of that means having a past relationship with an ugly woman which has a beautiful heart, having alcohol drinks with rivaling cousins with the aims of one intelligent, sexy-looking shorty-haired woman, never-ending struggle of a death of someone very close to heart that it is simply there, the introvert personality of a pessimistic sublime person who believes in optimistic approach in life, and so on.

And one's aspirations in life goes in this way...
"Comrades, as like of those fellow men in a certain group, say, in the military, in school or in an organization, show the bravery and the aspiring heart that sparks from within; a driving force of excellence, of camaraderie, of discipline. Comrades, push through the limits as one's celebrating heart in the name of mere existence; of "que significa en la vida"; of those who involve in one over the other's life that moves around; and of those who are guided to push through the dreams and professionalism in a way thanks for God's guidance. Comrades, once again, make ourselves useful for the betterment of many. Put a mark, say, a legacy for the others to follow. Arise now comrades, and be feel good again."

Growing old is a part of life. And in a part of life means a part of memories that are meant to be cherished as the time goes by. Speaking of which, each and every memory goes with the flow as well as the life in itself with the time ticks second-by-second, with a sense that by each second is indeed a significant one.

The Pitzviews blogger's feel of the celebration - A March
In the Red Square for a Victory Parade Celebration

The fire is still burning, and the hopes are still high. And there's a saying that: If there is hope, there is life. And in life, the adventure continues and growing old is a part of it, with each life cycle as one science teacher says there is another generation of species that will take over the previous ones, and the cycle will go on. Now, it is the moment of those who live today, to fire up the lives and make it feel significant. It is a duty to keep the fire burning and to spark up the world to betterment. Never be a sissy. Be a man.


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