Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disappointments in The Face from Dislocated Interest

Literary points, disappointments and failures. Where have been gone wrong? What is the source of the problem?

A Failed Student in Distress

"I stumbled many times. And this time, it happened again. Looks like a bookworm is there no more. Time to reminisce and as well then spawn a better version of it."

I was once the student of honor, of distinguished awards, of which it was priced me some of my friends, who eventually turned into enemies. With degraded attitude I say, was like that of a monster which life went partly astray.

The times have change. Now, it was the mere opposite of what once was years ago. How sad to see is the plain sight upon series of failures of what seem is a harmless, easy memorization of facts straight out of the textbook. Interest is indeed dislocated. What was once a sight of a bookworm paranoia, reading endlessly book after book, was now gone to the gadgets. It was gone to the forums, sites, and others simply out of the context of the course matter. In that goes the lessons taken with wrong interpretation, misguided inspiration, hopeless admiration, and the worse of all, failing in mere desolation. Once, they were so high, now they're so low. This birds suddenly out of the sky and badly needs energy. They were the birds who have brought knowledge, and being disoriented is what it brought down in the sky. How miserable it was to see. Thing gone unexplained, minds gone wild, and stripped of respect once there was, afraid of reprimanded by thy premier superior upon me.

I and my dreams was now on the brink. Needless to say, stumble upon many times over, with little signs of hope coming through. There was a candle, the light is still well lit up. The hope is still there. The chance to light a fire on a gas lamp of knowledge is still there. The aspirations, hopes and dreams are still there. Although hard to reach, it is time to reach the fire and flame the lamp of exaggerating enlightenment. A new bookworm is born, setting fire for the rest is to see.

Stand back up again and keep on fighting...


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