Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Counterbalancing Out of Balance

In amidst of failures, frustrations, distress and as well problems that keeps pulling the feet down below on the brink of desolation, a main cause worth emotional and remembering may serve as a drive to achieve the dreams and aspirations in the shadows of desperation.

A Gleaming Hope

Failures do worth remembering, and as well a part of the life cycle that what makes us human beings. Emotional does it seems, it is a drive of pure madness in order to counteract the unnecessary things that is already done, and as well the drive of sweat, effort, and energy that gives the soul the very reason to simply…..Move on.

Down ahead, I myself do still not move on to the horrors of my very own creation, somewhat the horror that subjects to repeat itself once again. Like the others, I still crawl in the abyss of mere suffering, thinking at the self what the benefits it may bring, and as well what are the payoffs if a sacrifice is indeed done. They said that success out of suffering is indeed a good one. They said that in order to achieve glory, one must suffer the worst of suffering in what may seem as a boring, less-engaging discussions or a more interesting one with the results are much different from what is enticed or expected.

Imagine a computer hacker taking accounting information systems examination with downturn results. It is somewhat by mere nature incomplete in the sense that although the discussions went head on, it is simply went out of control simply due to a simple twit and twat, twist and turn, or even a small letter change that will eventually change the meaning of the sentence in general. How absurd is that. Let’s give another example: Imagine a person wholeheartedly reads and understand what the book says, and the examination gone all aboard, saying that it must be word-by-word. Good if it was a Law subject, but it was not. It was then realized that the concept was out of context. It is somewhat have some truth value in itself, but is not enough to defy the odds that even touching the quota line it cannot do.

How disappointing it was, showing in the face the failures of grand proportions, as if it dictates indirectly what the mind possesses, and as well dictates as to the nature of the person in itself where others gone wild and on the next day, they just did it. It was ironic though, that the odds come unto me. Perhaps it may be taken as the challenge that must exert effort, but it is not enough to even give significance the basic of goals a sacrificing student was indeed doing. In such a matter, such spectacular of mistakes gives the very ultimate reason to stand up, and keep on fighting. In such a matter, bravery is a must.

What comes here does not simply a logical talk or some highfalutin prospect of a typical cliché that comes out from a heart and mind that keeps burning on ablaze for excellence. But it gives hope that in amidst of failures, blessings from The Glorious above keeps the inner self the strength to move on. Not to mention friends, relatives, and as well somebody that well admires the strength of the self that what must have done must be done. Bookworm principles will be resurrected from inside out. An F; NEVER AGAIN!


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