Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An Open Letter for Southeast Asian Players (Online Games)

Ever wonder that SEA servers are one of the worst online games servers as of date? Well, this letter which is wrote by a somebody (not me) is a player who begs his fellow players to play healthily.

A letter that is Worth Reading....
A die-hard online gamer...

Lately there has been a lot of drama happening in DOTA 2 and amongst all the drama most of them came from the SEA region. SEA region is infamous for having a toxic community when it comes to DOTA 2. I believe everyone who played in the SEA server agrees that the SEA server is one of the worst server. Even pro players all over the world that actually tried SEA server speaks ill about SEA server. A simple search on the world wide web and you can see all sort of complains towards SEA server.
“IT’S THE PINOY THAT IS RUINING GAMES” Even some of their own country man says the same thing about themselves. We have a conclusion right? SEA server sucks because there’s Pinoy playing on it. If you have this mentality congratulation you are part of the reason why SEA server sucks. It is very easy to just point fingers and ignore the fact that you are part of the SEA as well. Don’t forget every region has their own “country”(Russia & Peru) that is ruining games.
Look at the recent Shanghai Major drama consist of AVS and ANTIPRO, both of these teams are not from Philippine and they portray the average public games in SEA server very well. Trash talking before the game even started and consistently trying to taunt each other after every team fight and spam pause just to piss off their opponent. If you are playing in SEA you will know this is literally every public game regardless of RANKED or NORMAL.
It is the blaming attitude/mentality that made SEA the most toxic server in DOTA 2. Everyone in SEA thinks highly of themselves and whenever there’s a mistake it must be someone else that is causing the issue instead of you. Seriously, use 30 seconds to think when was the last time you take responsibility for losing a team fight? When was the last time you take responsibility for feeding or not warding? When was the last time you learn from your mistake by watching your own replay?
SEA server is the weakest region in the PRO scene and even pro players like jeyo, iceiceice, ChuaN and even Mushi for a brief moment went to some other country to play professionally. SEA is one of biggest region that embrace DOTA and play DOTA religiously but why don’t we have more talented players? Are we really that bad? SEA server is consider one of the try hard server. Players even take their game seriously in normal matches but our attitude/mentality is stopping each other to bloom.
Your game is your responsibility. If the match you queue into sucked, you are part of the problem too. Stop blaming your team-mates, encourage them to play better next game. Where you are born doesn’t decide whether you are a pro at DOTA 2 or not, it is how you play and your attitude towards the game that decided what kind of player you are. While you are here complaining about how pinoy is ruining your game, Fnatic actually has Malaysian and Filipino in a team. While you are here complaining about how pinoy is ruining your game, Mineski actually went to Frankfurt and did well at the tournament.
DOTA 2 is a 5 v 5 game. Every single game there will be 5 players that loses that game. Whenever you queue yourself into the game you must prepare yourself to lose. What makes DOTA 2 a beautiful and well crafted game is the fact that even when you lose you will learn something from it. You become better every time you play as long as you inspect yourself and try to learn from your mistakes. When you blame other players for every game that you lose, you will always stay in the same position while other people that actually learn and improve will surpass you.
You need to plant your seeds. Imagine this, if you encourage your team-mate (4 other people) they went on and encourage their team-mates(4 x 4 = 16) so on and so forth. Soon enough someone is going to encourage you back in one of your games and it makes your the whole server less toxic in the long run. Nobody is a noob forever, nobody is a pro forever. Is those who doesn’t change their attitude and don’t admit and learn from their mistakes that will always be behind.
Don’t get me wrong there will always be toxic players, but you don’t have to be one. If you are complaining about how SEA sucks, then start to check yourself. I believe if even 1 person decided to stop blaming and trash talking, the server will be a lot better in the future. If you think that I am here to defend Filipino DOTA 2 players, you can stop reading now and leave. I am here to tell everyone in SEA to please stop all the racism and stop blaming everyone and trash talking in every game.
Reminder to all Pinoy players, you are capable of speaking in English. How would you feel if someone started speaking Mandarin or Russian in your game? Speaking a common language like English will reduce most of the miscommunication issue. Chinese players will type in English too, so why can’t you?
If you love the game, stop hurting and start respecting the players that are playing.
– Sincrely, A broken hearted DOTA 2 player in SEA.

Pitzviews Note: This message was for all online gamers that one must have a healthy server that is for all to play gently. Credits are for the one who originally wrote this and not this blog site. Thank you.


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