Friday, December 18, 2015

Time Delays and Inefficiences

Ever encountered the times when tardiness is somewhat unavoidable? Or having some headaches where a public vehicle has many stoppage points and traffic jams that just unbearable at all? Well, here's how to cope with it.


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So, here is the scenario: Having a 8am work by the next day, a person slept by almost midnight. Then he woke up by 5am, having a nice cup of coffee 30 minutes later, then having breakfast at 6am, fetching water at 6:15am and take a bath 15 minutes thereafter, with a duration for about 20 minutes. Putting in clothes and as well preparing materials take another 20 minutes, ending on 7:10am. Leave the house by that time and a vehicle arrives 3 to 5 minutes later. The whole trip takes 1 hour to arrive at the dropping point. Not to mention many stopping points, traffics, walking time, secondary trips and many more.


So, how to solve this overwhelming problem? It's very simple. It is called 'time management.' This kind of management is indeed very useful considering the time, whether it may be the difference of hours, minutes or seconds will make a change that will definitely determine or shall we say 'deciding the fate' between success or failure on a scale that it affects the way persons behave, imply, or act wherein it implies to the impact of an overall activity and of course, competency.

Speaking of competency, it focuses on a person's potentials and tapping it in a way that every bit of time will definitely not gone to waste. Say, it is a strategical enough to have a long-term plan that it gives gleaming hope that one day that thing will be achieved. However, it will not be possible without temporary short-term planning that covers minute chunks of goals that makes up a one huge goal wherein it is on a conceptual framework of a long-term planning. The same principle applies in the case of war. Say, the evil axis forces won many battles due to sheer firepower and effective short-term battle strategy that will certainly will not lead them anywhere to an 'overall victory' unlike their adversary, the good,mighty allied forces gaining the higher ground, gathering troops and resources, and planning an effective, strategic counterattack that definitely cause them to won a war. In connection with this to competency and as well to time management, it is highly determined that a person with this rock-solid motivation and dedication, an enduring mind and body, and as well a highly-inspired being blessed by God, it is perhaps the very thing of highest possibilities that time management will be achieved. If any of this traits are untraceable in a person, perhaps it all starts in a practice, like a proper sleeping cycle and crunching activities by doing it the very easy way. In that way, the battle for supremacy of life is achievable easily.

Drowsy at work is the result of ineffective time management.


It is 'human nature' that things don't go the way they usually go. So that's why it is as important that time management must utilized properly so that the mind, the body, the activities, and all of those goals can be achieved well. It is a matter of a good, memorable life and a stressful life that will cause terrible ailments. Furthermore, being late at work or school determines one part of a person's level of dedication and as well as his or her motivation. Perhaps, by reading this blog commentary, it will be clear as water that with proper time usage, every moment will be precious as pearls. Every second counts. Don't even disregard it.


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