Monday, December 7, 2015

Such Is The Way That Life Works

This is a note that is quoted for the ongoing plans of having the 10,000 students staying for one month in a disputed island at the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea/East Vietnam Sea), it is instead be directed at the wider audiences inasmuch as it depicts everyday hardships.

This is a written quote by a friend from a forum extension...

If you want to do something great in life, it isn't enough to say you want to do it. The greatness in an achievement comes from the hard work and the sacrifice that is involved in doing it. One must be prepared to do all of those things that are needed to make things happen. That very much includes the very mundane, dirty, menial work.......the work that a lot of people feel is "beneath them." You must be prepared to fail, to be humiliated, to humble yourself. Glory comes from coming back from those failures, and from enduring pain.

Our problem is that we focus on the beginning.......the great idea, and the end.........crossing the finish line and bathing ourselves in the glory and adulation from others. We don't like the middle.......the process. The work that needs to be done. The planning part. We find those things a nuisance, an inconvenience. We are not willing to endure pain. We would rather skip to the end. But the end is not possible without the middle. And many foolishly believe that we can shortcut our way to the end without dealing with that process in the middle.

But eventually, reality dictates that in order to get to the end, we must pass through that process in the middle. It is unavoidable, even though a lot of us believe that it is. And where it becomes sad and regrettable is that when reality sets in, and we realize that we cannot avoid the hard work of going through the process, many choose to either quit because they don't want to deal with it, or pass it off to someone else, and make them deal with the dirty work for them (and be there to claim the credit for work they didn't do).

If these kids want to do this and do something positive for the country, they have to go through the process. They have to plan it properly, learn all they can about what it is they are trying to do, make those decisions that need to be made to make it happen, and then make it happen. Without that proper planning, they will not be successful.

Such is the way that life works.

~ Edrick Masangkay 


Photo: Philippine Air Force C-130 plane landed on a runway on Thitu (Pagasa) Island.
Check for some latest Philippine Military updates at Timawa Forums.


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