Thursday, December 24, 2015

Life Enjoyment, Drunkards and the Memorable Experiences

Tis' maybe some sort of putting initiatives and experiences within context with a mere certainty that one's personality is almost the same as others as one's enjoyment will be the affection of the group that will eventually put one's self in dire hard situation about liquor, experiences, hardships, sacrifices and happiness that success is perhaps a still achievable thing despite such perceived perverted norms.

Pitzviews note: This was written out of pure madness and drunk malice that is prompted to do some extraordinary things far beyond the common standard of this blog site. Please bear with the writer. Kek

Source: Wattpad
Lets us just say that drinking liquor gives never-ending happiness that problems can be set aside, but let me put this in my context: this things gives you a hang-over. It's up to an individual to take it or not, as many will say: take the harshest of consequences - either to get left behind or to get sucked up by perceived happiness with little dignity, removed.

It will definitely give the relatives some sort of a piss-off show of shame and a topic to be talk about, bu there is still one thing, that is to have this wonderful stories of never-ending drinking mayhem that will put one's very consciousness into the oblivion. 

Such never-ending experience gives some limelight into the so-called guidelines to be wise in every approach in life regardless of f***ing skills, knowledge, and all of those theoretical ideologies that baffle the mind of some of the world's best scientist. It focuses more on the Bill Gates story, or the Steve Jobs story whose reputation as college dropouts does not tatter the fact that these people own two large corporations that rival one after the other today, like Microsoft and Apple.

Furthermore, these freaking experience they say are worthy to be shared among future sons who are also worthy to be drunk. B*lls*it. In context, it is good to teach them good traits, never to be corrupt and so on. However, such ideological nonsense is somewhat useful to spark up a nice, terrible story with happy, unimaginable pranks and endless stupid demeanor that make others happy despite dignity being removed. It is somewhat a strategical nonsense in order to aim that a person will always have this discussion without being out of place.

Now let's talk about isolation. Social wealth in any nature is indeed consist of may friends of many cultural context with many various tiers. However, if one is perceived to be a 'not a drunker' person, he will be out of the club of bad ass guys and instead group in with weaklings whose ideologies are near childlike and it was like creating a new world of thought out of the mere realistic context of getting things real.

This commentary only mean one thing: Be responsible at the same time, be the man. Learn from mistakes and get enlightened by a war-shock guys who just tend to be wiser than the average person. Know the necessary plans ahead and as well apply time management in this matter. One is accountable when get drunk and has appointment in the next day. Find an alternative instead. It only takes time to merge all of this happy experiences since from the dawn of consciousness until the very recent epic fail moment. Learn to live with it. This ain't no fantasy. This is more than just a reality.


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