Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Leadership And Camaraderie

We live in a society that is indeed very orderly and is law-abiding and each of individuals helping hand-in-hand. Speaking of this, it may spawn ideologies and the like, people with the same interest grouping together, and charisma with the sense of volunteerism coming on the way.


Leaders are individuals that by nature has the power to motivate others and thus, promote positive things through teamwork with mere optimistic attitude and is indeed rarely to reprimand its members. A leader definitely guides its members in a way that the leader himself or herself is the role model that everyone will be after for and shows camaraderie in a way that everybody benefits.

Leaders do project with great power and is responsible to handle such great control over a dominion, and uses such to keep everything in order. Leaders are considerate; and has guts to keep his/her integrity by giving and accepting advises, ideas, and knowledge without reacting angrily. They are others-centered, and will definitely sacrifice one's self in order to keep others happy and satisfied.

Now, why do I wrote a sentence in bold? It definitely means something. It means that: Leaders are open-minded people and is wise to differentiate fact from fiction, and does not show his or her emotions to the members. Simply speaking, they are objective in purpose and is not subjective; they always present an alternative in every plan; they are not choosy to whom subordinates will he or she work with, and most of all, in failures and disappointments, they ensure that things will never happen again - in a positive way.

Enumerating the differences.
Unlike the aforementioned paragraphs, a boss is a self-centric person, a credit-grabber, reprimands people even the mistakes are just that small, unleashes the wrath to its members so that they will follow the boss, and of course, uses the power to gain popularity and to receive praise from his or her members that almost looked like worshiping the boss as like he or she was godlike. How pathetic. 

Members who are under the dominion of the so-called "boss" follows command, particularly irrelevant, pressuring, and not applicable ones without question, in no complaint they are indirectly used, as if they were some sort of modern-day slaves who are helpless and has n choice but to follow, especially those who were tied invisibly on their necks. So sad to see such persons suffering under a tyrant.

Camaraderie - It is close friendship that is equivalent to family/comradeship.
They are worthy to be called "comrades" in all forms. Source: pinterest.com
Camaraderie, in the simplest definition possible, is a state of relationship between groups of people who share the same interests, ideas, mindset, purpose and motives. This was the very core of each fraternities around, civic groups, collegiate departments, academic organizations, volunteering groups, societies of any kind, among others. It is close to a friendship that can be considered as a 'second family.' It gives the essence of comradeship among others, in which it instills one, basic principle: "together we stand, divided we fall, together we climb to the top of the world". Looks like a song lyric, uh?

In it instills the feeling that a person really belongs to the group or rather, feels like he or she was in a family in a very home wherein they share thoughts, ideas, topics of sorts, etc. Comrades have this sense of affection to the fellow members, and to the group in general. And speaking of camaraderie ladies and gentlemen, disagreements between members are somewhat a rare occurrence and issues can be resolve immediately.

Commotions are not necessary in every occasions in a group unless a failure of sort takes place. However, it is invalid to do such in a scenario where a person present all of his alternatives to the other which sounds logically and is indeed right in such a thing. Having a commotion over a small thing was like children bragging and arguing over a toy or a other simple things.


Reprimanding by being angry is natural, and also not a good trait of a leader.
Source: www.skipprichard.com
Leadership and Camaraderie are two good things that will boost stamina in an individual who instills on principles and ideologies in a sound mind that will help improve the lives of the many. However, too much of this things is as harmful as the citizens who are under a dictatorship that leadership and camaraderie is more than just an illusion. Being emotional, putting commotions, arguing on simplest things or even fighting between group members are the signs of weakness, unworthy leadership that destroys the very essence of camaraderie. So, in an event of a conflict, have a positive mindset, prepare a backup plan, and avoid reprimand a person over small mistakes taking place. Remember, being pressured in tasks is not an excuse.


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