Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In The Name of Diplomacy & Friendship

A human person are social beings who tend to communicate and to have a good relations to his fellow beings. And that's how friendships form. Now the question is, how to earn 'social wealth' so that a person will be 'socially reach' regardless of fame?


The more we get together, the happier are we! Source:

Most people look at others at first glance, or say, physical form-ups. That already determines the stepping stone for a good friendship. However, it is best suggested that by any means necessary, examine the actions as well as the person's attitude on things and the ways they react in different situations as well as deeply determine the reasons for all of such actions - both good or bad. Being judgmental by looks is somewhat equated to discrimination, and is not worthy to be based on.

First glance happens in school, in playgrounds, in groups, in the workplace, or even in mere public places. It all starts in having a nice establishment of ideas where both sides have the interest to participate on. Chances of having a friend on this tier is indeed very high due to common causes, interest, workplaces, agreements, contracts and so on. And in this case, group sessions usually start from ''introducing one's self'' by saying the name, age, address, and other details that establish the bond from first glance to acquaintances all of the sudden. 

When meeting, it is normal that in each greeting, a calculated approach must be considered. Don't get hesitated in asking basic questions which talks about the person's life, biography, background, lifestyle, among others without getting to the point of breaching privacy with devastating results. Let there be a good establishment for a good first glance thing that a person see other's traits, intentions, and other things in this matter. In other words, an individual must determine to see properly others that is worthy to be friends in a way that everything aforementioned alongside physical appearance is considered.


No one gets behind.
Now that two persons become close friends, it is now certain that this two will definitely talk about everything - from politics to awkwardness, going and strolling to malls and go shopping (for girls), to have drinks, jamming music, or playing video games (for boys). And such an experience will be one of the most memorable thing in each and every person's life that will last for a lifetime. Let us say that friends spend Christmas together,or getting on a trip - together, or outing to a place like resorts with friends is indeed amazing, consider the fun and other funny, happy moments that take place in that case.

However, one cannot prevent the circumstances of having disagreements whether in ideologies, or even in simplest form of arguments, that ends up in disappointments, shutting offs, and worse, cutting relations that is giving a sign that friendship ends there. In order to prevent this from happening, one must have a calculated approach in every actions, conversations, and approaches in this kind of matter. It requires some sense of psychology to determine what's wrong. Then, try to settle at the right avenues in the right pace with proper agreements that everybody agrees on. Let it be clarify. Learn how to forgive, to be understandable, to be good. At the end of the day, friends will still be friends. In every distress, no one gets behind.


"I am blessed that I have my friends on my side until the end of time."
Friends are meant to be cherished and be treated as family. Like families, each will never be maltreated, harassed, insulted, disrespected, and other things unethical. Instead, show love and care, help each other, getting more each other, and seize the moment having fun together. In this world, having friends are considered as a gift, considering that one trusts the other, people moving forward together far beyond camaraderie, and most of all, sharing good influences that everybody benefits. Let everybody happy. That's what are friends for. In every situation,they got each other's backs. There is a guarantee that all of it goes for the better. In the end, all will be satisfied and say "I am blessed that I have my friends on my side until the end of time".


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