Friday, December 4, 2015

Die Hard Fans, Loyal Fanatics and Illogical Nuisances

In today's context, seems albeit that most people have their idols. And it seems that nothing seems bad to idolize the most popular, down within the persona lies the very fanatic spirit of the individual, as if they worship their idols as a demigod.

There is nothing wrong with fans. However, there is absolutely wrong with fanatics, particularly in a nice argument that these people throw rhetoric statements rather than facts.

So, how to deal with them is indeed a hard one. 
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Photo: A Die-hard fan. Source: flickr via glaciertim account.

Before going further, let us speak about fanaticism. Fanaticism or fanatic, as what defined by Cambridge English Dictionary:

"a ​person who is ​extremely ​interested in something, to a ​degree that some ​people ​find ​unreasonable..."

or, in religious context:

"a ​person who has very ​extreme ​beliefs that may ​lead them to ​behave in ​unreasonable or ​violent ​ways..."

In other words, a fanatic or a die-hard fan is a very loyal, much interested on a person, group or an organization that seems to be cool, awesome, admirable, so on and so fourth. It was like they were stick to their idols or to a religious belief in such a way that a person tends to be a close-minded individual who does not accept the mere reality about their idols about their bad side and instead mocking intellectual people by saying rhetorical or vulgar words, illogical explanations and worse, threats that is closely resembled to cyberbullying.

"There is indeed nothing wrong in idolizing a celebrity or some politician or a somebody of mere equivalence, as long as they are behaving properly, thinking logically and speak less like a person who belongs to a cult."

Being loyal is not bad. Neither is a fan of a popular person. In fact, there is indeed nothing wrong in idolizing a celebrity or some politician or somebody of mere equivalence, as long as they are behaving properly, behaving logically and speak less like a person who belongs to a cult. It's not too hard to do such a thing. In fact, people of intellect understands that they themselves question the nature of their idols and even the existence of God, although they stay up idolizing or even worship God despite the mind-boggling question. Never mind those atheist, for they have their own ideology.


One comes up with a question - how to deal with them? It all comes up with a simple answer:

Ignore them. Just ignore them. Ignore them as long as possible.

Now, what if they are the ones who wanted a sparkled up an argument to an individual like me and you who ignoring these persons yet, they still wanted to question your ideology of some sorts?
Photo: Still a sports die-hard fan.

There is a solution for that...

One option was to throw them some facts. Not just facts that dismay them, but facts that strike to the very heart. It may be of any type - an online article, a video clip, a recorded conversation, anything that debunks the belief of that person.
PS: Stay on topic, stay on topic. Never throw any rhetorical statements against that person and stay professional as possible. Never as well personify the arguments.


Ask them a question that strikes them (again) to their very heart. Perhaps, a question that is easily answered but hardly admit by a fanatic. Such question may be answered indirectly, haphazardly, or throwing the same question back to the one who ask, or the classy rhetorical thing again in a form of vulgar words insulting the guy with intellect.
PS: Ask a follow-up question one thing after the other. Stay on topic, and stay professional.


Ignore them. Just ignore them, particularly some idiots. You'll never win an argument against them. Let them do the rants. Keep them write and write and write. That saves energy after all.


In this world full of envies, jealousies and competitions, a person stick to a celebrity and be a fan of it is as harmless as a benign cell being just there, just an extra cell without harmful effects. However, if one becomes a dangerous, ranting, or worse, a deadly fanatic, one must address unto it and keep the heads calm as possible. Give them enlightenment rather than ranting them; giving the knowledge upon such matter in a way it is healthy may have a chance for that person to think, and grow.
Too much loyalty equates fanaticism. Both are harmful.
Just go with the flow. Never let others do the thinking for you.

Another thing, when one is stuck in an argumentative situation, one must research, study, practice on highfalutin words or any appropriate formal words and go, argue. Ignore the close-minded people and educate the potential ones. The main aim was not to humiliate the fanatic. But rather, have his mind think with radical thinking that illogical fallacies will be overcome. It is not about the envy. It is about the importance of intelligence and as well as the freedom of well being free from mental slavery. Never let others do the thinking for you. You must do the thinking for your family as well as your future. Let it be that way.


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