Thursday, December 31, 2015

Before 2015 Ends

All the good, the bad, the memorable and as well the embarrassing, the emotional and also the triumphant moments, will be history as this year ends.


Let us be thankful about everything that take place this year, whether it may be good or bad ones, as signifying that this year may be considered as the 'year full of lessons' as there were people who were hurt by the truth, enlightened by the quotes, enjoying the most of happy moments, suffering through troubling times, not in good terms with a close friend or worse, being unfriended by someone who is very close, and most of all, having triumphant moments all in the name of excellence, in which most successful people are as well thirsty for it, and is the very point of our blog agenda.


The Pitzviews blog site - The Appearance days after launching.

It is as well as thankful that it is at least we put a hundred entries ranging from quotes to commentaries, infomatics, news releases, and more. It is an endeavor in the blogger's part that a year is already an achievement, considering the mere fact that this blog site was set up a year ago.

It is good to see that until today, the operations is still on-going, and the articles posted here are still worthy to read until longer periods of time. Say, we are thankful that we've made this far that we mold ourselves to the better, not to mentioned how writing a blog severely affects me, as a blogger, to learn how to research and to verify facts, to be aware of what it is over the horizon,to understand the concept of competitiveness, camaraderie, excellence, and friendship, and most of all, to give inspiration to all that is contagious which is giving benefit to all of the beloved readers who tend as passers-by, or the ones who caught interest about the contents of this article, and as well giving understanding as the information and viewpoints are well given into the limelight.

Again, it is deserving to be thankful that a year of blogging is indeed an achievement on our part. We will continue to post wonderful, informative and as well interesting information and also to improve the quality of the post as the time goes by, considering the very fact that people tend to change views in life as well as the interest.


Now 2016 is fast approaching, let us seize the moment to contemplate, reflect and refresh all of good and bad moments that take place in 2015. All of it serve as the lesson in which it serves as the experience and as well memorable moments in life that will carry on for life and as well as teacher that mistakes, failures and mishaps will never happen again. Let us hope to have a competent, inspired, disciplined, friendly, excellent, and most of all, an optimistic 2016 to one and all.


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