Thursday, November 12, 2015

Transition - From a Student to a Professional

Most people have experienced it throughout the end of their college lives though some chose to go their different directions of their lives. And a question goes up, messing a mind of a graduating student: Am I ready?

Some men like us want to be like this...
Using a corporate attire to be a James Bond look-a-like.

The feelings are mixed, messing up the minds of each and every graduating students, and though academic challenges are far from over, there are opportunity-grabbing job offers that will add more heat in the already confused students who are just as willing to take the pressure that in the near future, it will built up and will keep on adapting like those of species Charles Darwin want to reiterate - the survival of the fittest.

The expectations are quite staggering. In today's statistics, there will always be people who are unemployed due to various reasons like having a business, not finishing school, or simply job mismatch. It's quite challenging to have a highly daunting task to have the approximated 7 billion people well-fed, not to include the unequal distribution of wealth that makes some people starve and the few making huge profits.

It is not surprising that the corporate world is looking for some groups of people that will eventually turned out as the greatest asset that makes a firm more profitable like what it intends to project to. And it is also not surprising that in relation of employees as the workforce for sustainable growth, the job market becomes more competitive, that a difference in credentials or simply speaking with full burst of charisma are significant enough that makes a difference of getting hired, or not.

The reality of life, they say, is just like that. However, as what the title suggests, is being much realistic to the dilemma that a graduating or say, a newly-graduated student would do. There are many decisions to make, and a mistake will take away that precious lifetime away from the person only because of making a wrong decision. Worse, issues regarding trust, personality and performance is a big headache considering the fact that each theories that are learned in a four-cornered classroom will soon be applied into a field.

But, how about those who got their licensure exams? Is there a guarantee for them to be secured in the near future? That really depends on a person. Assume that a CPA board passer applies for a job and suddenly finds out in the workplace that what he or she cannot do a job properly simply due to a significant difference between a classroom and a workplace.

This transition really determines the real personalities of each and every people in times like this one. This part really means the difference of success and failure, the real measurement as to what extent a person learns and can cope to the constant barrage of challenges that makes a person grow wiser to know the tricks of the trade; the secrets of what really means to be a wise person.

Time to reflect, self-evaluate, and think a thousand times before taking a step outside of the cradle unto the real world. 

Come up with this question: Am I ready to take the responsibilities in which it may be handle for several times? Am I ready to change and to adapt the demands of the recent times Am I ready to face the future, it's benefits and it's consequences?

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