Thursday, November 5, 2015

She's an Article Writer Like Me

Having wandering around on each and everybody's interest on harnessing the virtues and benefits of Information Technology to everyone, this woman I've met wants to prove to her family that her passion of writing things of any kind are indeed profitable.

Before proceeding, let me write this discretion for you:

We at the Pitzviews will hide the identity of this girl. She was not associated with this blog itself. This was only to feature that her interest of writing was for her, like most of bloggers, is for the sake of extra income.

This blog site and the intentions of its owner has no plan to make income from the articles of The Pitzviews considering that it is for the hobby of writing and sharing information for the enlightenment of everyone. However, the owner has plans in the near future to create another blog extension of this site (no replacements intended) for another sets of articles that will generate income and as well sourced out from different sets of people who are willing to pay for it. :)

A typical full-time blogger is writing for mere profit.
Now, let me share this story for you. Let us first call her "Anika". Anika started writing about everything when she was elementary. It was like it was her hobby that it came up to the point that she was scolded by her parents, saying:

"Writing senseless ideas will jeopardize your academics. Please stop this stupidity. Do you even think that writing can make you earn money? NO! Study and you will be rich in the future."

But she did not stop her writing. In that point of view, it is logical to say that Anika's parents are not aware that one day, through the advent of technology, that girl will earn sufficient money to run up her life.

Through most of her high school life, she harness her writing skills by making up blog sites. First, by setting up her WordPress account, and later, her Blogger account. However, those accounts are becoming inactive due to lack of internet access in her area at that time.

What's even amazing there that at the time Anika's accounts are still active, she loved to put her reflection papers, insight papers, school requirements, and soft-copied paraphernalia in her account.

This story of hers was revealed to me when we were in a computer laboratory in a school where I study. I looked on her computer screen on mere interest and in mere curiosity I found out that she already write articles even long before The Pitzviews established. To my amazement, I looked at some of her articles she'd made out and it was tremendously sound and logical, saying it was at par of some of the blogs I've made and it was just awesome!

Like me, she writes out of mere interest until it reached the point that she was earning Php2400 per month ($52.39) from the articles she'd made out of the request of other active bloggers. Say, write everything you like with a maximum of 1000 words, or write me a in-depth review of this device in extremely extravagant way.

The reflection that can be made out from this good story Anika gave is to keep the passion going. And also, to get the potential out of those talents that one day, can help a person to sustain his or her necessities when need arises.

These are different kinds of bloggers. The Pitzviews blog site
consists of hobbyist. Source:

P.S. I even want this girl to write me an article. But then again, we just agreed that by the time The Pitzviews extension is active and ready to gain profits, I will pay her in exchange of her best creations that will be posted in the near future. Who knows, if that will possibly happen?


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