Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reflect - The Paris Terror Attacks

Right now at the time of posting, many news media are taking over to take the hype on what so-called 'synchronized terror' that emphasizes fear and destruction that prompts the French President to declare a state of emergency.

And this is far worse than the Charlie Hebdo attacks.


Source: Sputnik

Here are some of the news coming from a series of photos and tweets from Twitter using the hashtag #ParisAttacks.


Still with the Twitter hashtag #ParisAttacks, we can see the different reactions ans support from some of the following:


French President Fran├žois Hollande

We live in a world full of misery, hardships, headaches, problems, and more of this negative vibes that keep us baffled in our way of thinking. There is this Civil War in Syria. There is this recent crash of a Russian jet in Egypt. There's Islamic State who keeps ravaging the locals in the Middle East. There is this mass exodus of refugees to Europe. There is China's encroachment between its neighbors in East and South China seas. And there are more problems regarding poverty, discrimination, and many many more things that are far more dramatic than this one. It's just this situation caught the world attention.

Many were died and injured from this synchronized attacks that can be replicated to what happened in Mumbai in 2008. This event catch more attention in the world than the Charlie Hebdo, or even some normal things like those in Syria. Perhaps, its far common to see bombs exploding and having civilians died, making bombs falling topside by Russians in ISIS positions far more humanistic than the west thinks. It creates fear that the whole country goes into a standstill. I'm no French; but I do feel a typical citizen living in fear. The freedom in doing something is somewhat compromised due to what happened. Better safe than sorry.

As what I have noticed, upon the attacks take place, there is violence. People are scared, trembled, helpless. It is so sad to see that humanity has been ripped apart, divided by mere race, ideologies, and religion. There is discrimination that definitely divide people and was deprived of priveleges. There are arguments exchanging, conspiracy nitpicking, and much more. Worse, they based it more on their emotions rather than taking necessary actions based on logic and mere common sense.

There is nothing wrong in the President's decision, as it is the mandate for him to protect his citizens. The European Union is also right in taking refugees, for they are humanitarian in nature. However, measures have been taken for everything will be regulated. Questions as to why oil-rich Middle Eastern countries did not accept any refugees? They say that those people are a threat to their country. Europe is on the verge of destruction of this problem does not heed immediate solution.

Lastly. Here's the overall overview and as well as the conclusion. The world is wounded. It is not perfect. Each and every person has their own 'ideal worlds' that as to what they aspire this would be. I should say, the world must be filled with respect, with more responsible leaders. Create more allies than enemies, and there will be no self-interest that will be forgiven. 

Time for the French to be brave. Photo Source: BBC

Perhaps we're just human. That's what we are design for, to survive and to become the dominant species on this beloved planet of ours. And that includes some sort of radical ideology that also shows dominance as well. That should not be the case. Though we are dominant species, it is our responsibility to love one after the other. Nobody wants violence. Neither do I nor you. Time to make things better for our children and children's children. It's now or never.


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