Saturday, October 24, 2015

Responsibility - Have I Gain Something From It?

In determining the very future wherein an adult is accountable of each in every activity, let us zoom in at the dire perspective about being a much responsible person.


Life depends on a person's actions. That was his responsibility.

The principle of being responsible is it sets a path in which one controls his life in such a way that it benefits a huge majority and as well as benefiting the self citing that a person being responsibility really defines his personality. Whether it may be in a field of work, in school, in public places, in occasions of many kinds or even at home, there are many kinds of responsibilities ranging from cleaning the plates down at a kitchen sink to a leader like a president who runs a country. It really gives definition of what it is to be a human person.


Responsibility does affects the person to become good on others, as it is like the philosophical action to do so. In fact, the word responsibility itself comes from two words: response-ability, wherein by definition of these two words means that a person attains an ability to immediately response to necessary actions that may set course of one's life that may affect the person's relations to others or even affect other's life due to such excellent ability of a person based on stipulated standards or rules the society provides.

The Philosophical nature of responsibility
Let us take corporate social responsibility (CSR) for example. How does an organization takes a lot of profits without harming the environment? Or without harming the employees of an organization? Or even without violating Government laws? With these things and the ever-growing awareness of business ethics gives an assurance that with these sets of guidelines, an organization is indeed a trusted one and is keen to help improve the lives of its customers, its employees, and will improve the state of economy of a nation. If CSR sets aside, it would be different.

Now, take it on a perspective of a human person. Say, a young adult in early twenties or an adolescent person. For these people, it takes a hard time to determine what kind of responsibilities are, despite the fact that the virtue of responsibility is being taught in elementary. Maybe some may have advantage over the other, or some is getting left behind varying the lifestyle and the immediate needs to take a responsibility. 

Being a leader comes a lot of responsibility. Ranging from setting up meetings to check the status of different designated areas, one may say that a leader is indeed mature enough if one is efficiently do his or her job effectively that satisfies all parties involved. Well, thumbs-up for that. But, how about in a family? Same thing applies. If one can see the dedication of one's designation of work inside the house (also applies in the workplace) and keeps the whole thing up and running, say a very clean environment, congratulations! That is a crown jewel of being responsible that needs to be lauded.

The opposite goes with lazy people. There is no sense of urgency. No responsibility. But then again, people will despise as if they are not fit for society's upbringings. They are like scums on earth that incurs cost to feed them. People applauds the one who works hard. The different goes with lazy people. No future in them.

With the descriptions above, one can see a clear picture that being responsible gains something for a person's inner being.


Being a responsible person equates to trust.
Being responsible is tiring, but it is worth it. Being a responsible person equates to one's trust upon them, and will stay trusted by many years to come. Workers who tend to be responsible are worthy of promotion, for each and every responsibility, performance follows. One would say, "what is performance of there is no urgency of responsibility within that person?" or "what's the use of that person being in a position of he or she is not aware of his or her responsibility?" As mentioned earlier, the hardworking, responsible person always lauded and not the lazy ones.

Let us put this in a much simpler perspective: Responsibility is a moral value wherein a person gains not only something important from it. A person gains everything from it. So, think again. Ask: "am I that responsible enough?" If not, start to act one. The world awaits. The green pastures are in the horizon. Come and get it, provided that you are a responsible person to gain access to it.


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