Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hopes and Dreams and Family's Love (Poem)

Since there was no title given, we are tasked to give one.

This was about hopes and dreams in a home.

We used to play house together
and our oversized sleeves were getting in the way of
all the pretend cooking of our food
all the pretend cleaning of our clothes
but before bed
I would slowly lift yours
and you mine
fingers breaking free to prove
innate dexterity for love.

we would roll around in the sheets
we chalked on the pavement
and you would look at me knowing
my ever-warm and ready womb
would be forever wounded by your future absence
fating me to stay like this
in a sweater that could fit two
but won’t
and I wouldn’t have lifted my sleeves for no one else
hands covered
and mid-section
empty of love.
and then we’d fall asleep
dreaming of our future house
with sheets of cotton stained
by fruit juices and love juices spilled
in the attempt
to fill me up and make me big and
swollen with love and magic -
your child.
but there in the summer street
on the bed that we chalked on the pavement
you fell asleep and stopped knowing
but I didn’t
and I took your hand
you beautiful child
the boy my body loved so much I cried
I cried to you
in silence:
stretch me
fill me up
make me swell with life that comes from your loving heart
and lungs and arms and legs
and let me grow it in me
the future child
of children
in love.
next day before sleeping
in the bed we chalked on the pavement
you gave me a helium balloon
and I stuffed it under my sweater
and went to sleep with you
puzzled into each other in fear of dematerialization
dreaming of it lifting us
to the sky.
- Livia Fierbințeanu

A little boy handling a helium balloon filled with a night sky.

Illustration by (yet) unknown creator
Copyright 2015 - Berlin-ArtParasites Facebook Page [Posted to Pitzviews Blogsite]


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