Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Celebrate Even if One is in Crisis?

Is it inhumane to justify the means of a person's action without checking the intention of it and the outcome with regards to "celebrate" things out...


Celebration is an event wherein people have fun and having treats of any kind; benefiting those who are involved. It usually involves people who are invited, the celebrant, and the purpose as to celebrate. There are many purposes as to why to celebrate. Either it may be the victory on all things, significance of the date specific to the person like birthdays, and anniversaries, achieving the goals in life, religious purposes and other logical reasons.


There is nothing bad in celebrating any kind of celebrations, whether it may be birthdays, holidays, festivals, or just mere victory on a soccer match or even the simplest promotion in the workplace. In fact, celebrating is fun, implying that most people have fun having time together, playing games, sharing experiences and ideas, cracking jokes, and other extravagant activities that are indeed categorized as fun. Most people are indeed happy in having such celebrations that the visitors are eating delicious food, seeing the smiles of joyful people, showing the best of them dancing or singing, in a games or other activities of sort. And most of all, some celebrations ended up in a disco, more like a party of any kind from a simplest one to a party that involves huge amount of people dancing with the beat of the DJ jamming in town.

However, let us say that the simplest of celebrations will never happen due to a number of reasons like a death of a loved one. Or a crisis in one's life whether it may be academically, financially, socially, and other factors that hamper the intention to conduct a celebration. It is indeed a big problem to other people who want to celebrate; it only needs mere understanding to the nature as to why such thing never take place.


Consider this in a celebration: The intentions for a specific party to celebrate. In most cases, it only takes common sense to seek the reason as to the condition and the decisions taken place in choosing whether to celebrate the event or not.

If an event is of significant importance; like celebrating a 25th birthday or a golden wedding anniversary, or a person graduating a cum laude, celebrating it will be highly encouraged regardless of the cost and extravagant perks; but one only needs fun and that's it.

If one is in crisis, just celebrate in a very simplest thing possible with the assurance that such event is indeed significant to a person in a way that it is very memorable that a celebrant will never, ever forget. However, if the problem is very hard to tackle, then the best solution is to not celebrate at all.


The only requirement in such a dilemma is to measure the factors if the event is worth celebrating for. Consider that one is financially capable or even facing depression as the result of the series of failures regarding the school, the workplace, or other plans involved. If the emotions regarding a unintended scenarios like the death of a loved one or either the things aforementioned, it is necessary not to celebrate at all. Not to celebrate; although it hurts sometimes, can be justified with regards to the reasons that are indeed logical and at the same time, humanitarian.


Celebrating an event is indeed good even in crisis as long as it definitely not affect the nature of the crisis. The point simply implies that if one is in crisis mode, it is necessary to set aside the problems temporarily not unless the crisis is much important and worth solving. Measuring the priorities is important in this kind of topic considering that it involves most, if not all people of this world wherein each individual has their own respective problems. Respect is needed and understanding in such nature in deciding a crucial circumstances in celebrating is as justified as either humane or inhumane.


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